496 Chevy Big Block Build - Pump Gas Stump Puller

How About 598 LBS Of Twist On 91-Octane Gas With Street Manners?

Sucp_0901_15_z 496_chevy_big_block_build Degreeing 2/25

Andy never installs a cam without breaking out the degree wheel to make sure it's exactly where it should be. It takes a little extra time, and some specialized tools, but it pays off big in terms of getting all the performance possible from an engine.

After setting up the cam button, Andy then finished bolting on the Comp Magnum timing set (PN 2110, $38.95) using APR hardware. When running a roller cam on a block that doesn't have a thrust plate, a button must be used to limit the cam's lateral movement. He then bolted on our front cover using ARP bolts from our engine assembly kit (PN 535-9701, $87.95). This kit contains just about every bolt needed to wrench together the 496 and it's better than digging around for various fasteners or using old ones. With this done, we were one step closer to having our short block done. We also installed a set of brass freeze plugs from Milodon (PN 34033, $20.95)

Controlling the flow of oil is not just about keeping an engine alive it's also about making power. Because of this we went with this trick six-quart pan from Milodon (PN 31188, $429.95). The lightweight steel pan features a full-length kick-out and louvered tray assembly. This pan should help us squeeze out a few extra horsepower. We could have knocked hundreds off the price by using a stock pan, but at the cost of reliability and performance. Again, we would rather spend now than fix it later.

Sucp_0901_17_z 496_chevy_big_block_build Fuel_pump 3/25

This Holley billet mechanical fuel pump (PN 454-25, $269.95) is more than just pretty, it's functional as well. CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum the pump features -8 AN inlet and outlet fittings and the base can be rotated independently from the top to ensure proper fit. The free-flow rate is 170gph and the pump has a preset fuel pressure of 7.5psi. Making it work is an ARP fuel pump pushrod (PN 135-8701, $15.95)

Sucp_0901_22_z 496_chevy_big_block_build Gasket 4/25

With new dowels in place, Andy carefully put on the Patriot heads. For gaskets we went with quality Fel-Pro units (PN 1017, $41.95) and then secured them to the block with ARP head studs (PN 135-3603, $86.95).

After installing our Milodon high-volume oil pump (PN 18760, $59.95), along with their correct extreme duty pickup (PN 18201 $54.95) and oil pump driveshaft (PN 23060, $14.95), we were ready to put the pan in place. The pan was installed using a crushproof gasket set from Milodon (PN 40200, $13.95) and more ARP fasteners from the accessory bolt kit.




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