572ci Big-Block Chevy Crate Engine - Own A Piece Of Da Grump

Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins And Smeding Performance Have Teamed Up To Offer A 572-Inch Crate Engine--And We Have The Exclusive First Build

Mike Harrington Dec 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0812_05_z Smeding_performance_572_big_block Block 2/22

The block is a Dart Big M with a standard 9.800-inch deck height, splayed four-bolt mains, CNC-machined 4.630-inch cylinder bores with scalloped water jackets, and a Canton oil pan. The crosshatch pattern and honing done with the torque plate is accomplished with studs rather than bolts. The studs minimize twisting of the block. They use a plateau hone, which is a rougher hone, then switch over to a real fine grit stone, and make three passes with it. Honing a cylinder leaves microscopic peaks and valleys on the cylinder wall's surface. The reason for this style of honing pattern is to remove peaks (which reduces friction) but leave the valleys for better oil retention.

Sucp_0812_06_z Smeding_performance_572_big_block Heads 3/22

Bill Jenkins and Ben Smeding inspect and discuss the various parts that are to be used in the 572 build. Among these are the all-important cylinder heads. The custom-made, high-flowing AFR 335 heads are completely CNC machined with 2.30-inch intake valves, 1.88-inch exhaust valves, and 121cc combustion chambers.

Sucp_0812_07_z Smeding_performance_572_big_block Intake_valve 4/22

The intake valves used in this build are re-ground to 52 degrees in order to comply with the seat . Most valves contain a 45 degree angle. The theory behind the 52 degree grind is when using a higher lift cam (such as the one in this engine) there is more flow during the intake stroke.

Sucp_0812_08_z Smeding_performance_572_big_block Rockers 5/22

Custom-made Scorpion full roller aluminum rockers are used on all the 572s for increased valvetrain stability.

Sucp_0812_09_z Smeding_performance_572_big_block Carburetor 6/22

Perhaps the most important part of this build is the amount of R&D that went into it. The R&D consisted of carburetor swaps, intake swaps, cylinder head swaps and even a cam swap.

Sucp_0812_10_z Smeding_performance_572_big_block Carburetor 7/22

In this photo Ben and Bill are discussing the various carburetor and intake differences.


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