Hot Off The Press! - New LSX Engine Parts Announcement from GMPP (Web Exclusive)

Courtesy of GM Oct 21, 2008 0 Comment(s)
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With the economy of the United States in a bit (okay, more than a bit) of trouble, it is still exciting to know that some hot new crate motors and parts are coming down the line from GM Performance Parts. In a telephone conference call with Dr. Jamie Meyer from GMPP, we got the 4-1-1 on some hot new goodies from GMPP that will be debuted at the 20009 SEMA trade show in Las Vegas.


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According to GMPP, this is the bad-boy of the soon-to-come line of LSX-based crate motors. Obviously based around an LSX block, the 454-ci monster showcases a fully forged rotating assembly, GMPP's new LSX aluminum heads, an LSX roller cam with .635 lift on both sides, and an 11:1 compression ratio. If this engine looks familiar, it should, as it is the one found under the bonnet of the Reggie Jackson '69 Camaro (featured inside and on the cover of the May 2007 issue). Good for 620 horsepower and 600 lbs-ft of torque, according to Dr. Meyer, the engine is capable of high 10-secodn laps in the quarter-mile. While an exact price has yet to be set, expect the LSX454 crate engine to check in around the $13,000-$15,000 neighborhood.


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In a sense, you can call the LSX376 crate motor the LSX454's baby brother. This 376-ci crate engine features an LS3 rotating assembly, with the only change from that being the addition of a set of forged LSX pistons. LS3 heads sit atop the short-block, and a roller cam featuring .551 intake and .522 exhaust lift figures actuate the valves. Coming in at a pump gas friendly 10.7:1 compression ration, the LSX376 is billed to make 450 horsepower, and should retail somewhere between $7,000 and $9,000. Of note with the LSX376 crate motor is the fact it comes with a 24-month warranty.

There are also some other cool items being developed, including five different head designs for the LSX block with the 6-bolt head design-----both L92 and LS7 configurations, two racing heads, and a small-bore version of the L92 head for LS1 and LS6 powerplants. A host of intakes are also in development, as well as an aluminum version of the LSX block.

Stay tuned, as it looks like the General is going to add some more heavy-duty artillery pieces to his arsenal.




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