Dart Block Super Build Up - Building A Hell-Raiser, Part 2

With Our Foundation Complete, We Top Off Hell-Raiser With A Bunch Of Goodies And Then We Spark It Up.

Dan Ryder Oct 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
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In Part One of Building a Hell-Raiser, we took a Dart Little M block and moved in a Lunati rotating assembly, Steve Morris Racing Engines camshaft and a Comp Cams belt drive.

In Part Two, we'll up the ante by finishing off our mill and hopefully spark it up with some high horsepower numbers.

As part of our mission, we're looking to eclipse the 1,000-horse mark with bolt-on components (that's conservative-what we really want is 1,300). Obviously engine machining was performed on the engine block and as you'll see, by utilizing a crank trigger and a belt drive, a custom spacer may be required here or there for proper alignment. But for the most part, a true enthusiast with some hands-on experience can tackle such a project.

Sucp_0810_08_z Dart_small_block Mls_gasket 3/27

Combination, combination, combination. Can I stress that enough? Our first step was to decide what we were looking to accomplish before turning a wrench or ordering a part. We knew we wanted to make some crazy horsepower in order to propel our '87 Monte Carlo SS into the 8-second zone in the quarter-mile, but how would we get there?

In Part One we explained how we were looking into a big-block with either nitrous or a turbo, but decided to go with the lighter small-block and the popular ProCharger F-2 bolt-on centrifugal huffer. The quest for a good combination didn't end here; it actually had just begun. We knew that a Dart block coupled with a Lunati rotating assembly would handle just about anything we threw at it.

Sucp_0810_05_z Dart_small_block Head_studs 4/27

ARP cylinder head studs complete with 12-point nuts are used for the ultimate in strength (PN 234-4301). Once the studs are installed, Anthony DiSomma slides the AFR 227 cylinder head in place-but not before the Fel-Pro MLS (multi-layered steel) cylinder head gasket is in place. The MLS gasket (PN 1143) is a must in any boosted or nitrous application for the ultimate in sealing. Our head gaskets check in at .040-inch thick, which must be factored in when determining static compression. Fel-Pro was called upon to supply all of the gasket needs of Project True SStreet.

Our next step was to find a suitable cylinder head with excellent flow properties, a thicker exhaust valve (which endures a beating on a blown application), and a standard 23-degree small-block cylinder head configuration. For this we called upon Tony Mamo at Airflow Research Cylinder Heads.

Tony suggested AFR's 227cc CNC-ported competition cylinder head, with an upgraded Inconel exhaust valve to help combat the high heat generated within a blown application. The 227 head additionally features a 3/4-inch deck surface (ideal for blower or nitrous applications), and comes with either a 65cc or 75cc combustion chamber to aid in achieving a particular compression ratio. This particular head flows around 320 cfm at .700-inches of lift on the intake side, which is pretty stout out-of-the-box.

The highlight of Project True SStreet's combination is the ProCharger F-2 supercharger system. ProCharger has been designing and manufacturing intercooled supercharger systems since its inception in 1994. ProCharger introduced its self-contained oiling feature back in 2000 and has never looked back. This patented design eliminates the need for external oil lines and/or poking holes in your oil pan for drain back. Additionally, ProCharger kits contain all that is needed to get your blower installed in a jiffy. The F-2 unit that we're using is suitable for engines making 425-600 hp naturally aspirated and can flow upwards of 2,700 cfm. The F-2 is rated for 38 psi max boost at a maximum impeller speed of up to 65,000 rpm. This supercharger also contains an internal step-up of 5.4:1 and is available as a reverse rotation unit for the ultimate in mounting possibilities.




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