Chevy 5.3 Liter LS Salvage - Generation Gap

Power And Performance From A 5.3-Liter LS? Yes, And Plenty Of It.

Mike Harrington Oct 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
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Forget the torque to yield bolts, They're only good for one go around. Spend the couple of extra bucks for a recommended set of ARP bolts.

Comp Cams recommends the right springs for its cams. Fortunately, the Edelbrock springs were sufficient to handle the lift of the Comp Cam. Suffice it to say, the 220/224 Comp cam extended the rpm range and the oh-so important power curve.

We ditched the stock 78mm fly-by-wire throttle body and instead used a Summit cable-controlled cast-aluminum 80 mm throttle body (PN 227725).

Last and certainly not least, is the HP Tuners software and hardware. If the engine can't be custom tuned, squeezing out some extra power is impossible, making the ability to tune and re-flash the computer essential. HP Tuners offers two MPVI interfaces-the Standard, and the Professional. The pricing is $499 for the MPVI Standard Interface or $649 for the MPVI Professional. We used the professional model since it offers the most, and the technicians at Westech already have it on their computers. HP Tuners does do not provide a specific tune, rather the ability to tune is what the system is about. HP Tuners supplies access to a repository of base tunes as a starting point. The HP Tuners Web site also has several demo tutorials and even a forum filled with information on how to tune various GM vehicles. We highly suggest you browse the site to learn more about tuning.


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