1962 Corvette 327 Engine - The Return Of "Patti's Daily Driver," Part 2

Our Rebuild Of A Genuine '62 327 Fuelie Engine Goes Better Than Expected.

Doug Marion Jan 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
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Some of you may have never seen a pre-guide plate small-block head. Guide plate heads have large round holes as the guide plate keeps the pushrod positioned. On early small-blocks, a rectangular hole with semicircle ends does the job.

I initially hoped the 331's horsepower level would be 360. Joe Sherman thought 400. We were both wrong. Try 409 at 5,800 rpm and 416 at 6,100 rpm. That's 101 ponies more than factory fuelie provided, for those of you keeping score at home. Sherman feels a street engine should never have to rev over 6,000-6,200 rpm, more or less. This was certainly a performance eye-opener.

So was the engine's torque output. It produced 390 to 400 lb-ft from 3,500 to 6,000 rpm (and probably more under 3,500 rpm). The small diameter main exhaust pipes from our Hedman headers to the mufflers and smaller tailpipes may kill off 10 to 15 hp due to increased backpressure, so I imagine we will fabricate some custom tailpipes.

We didn't rebuild this original engine to drag race, per-se. We've owned this piece of real estate since 1970 and plan to cruise around in Southern California and Nevada. We do plan to reinstall the Rochester Ramjet fuel injection-strictly for comparison's sake. We have a G-Tech Pro SS electronic accelerometer and will compare the 750-cfm Edelbrock induction to the 650-cfm constant flow port injection after the car is running.

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