Affordable Vintage Bow Tie Muscle - Nasty Little Homewreaker

Looking For Some Vintage Bow Tie Muscle That Won't Break The Bank? The Answer May Not Be Made Of Steel.

Dan Ryder Aug 7, 2007 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0707_23_z Vintage_bow_tie_muscle Headlight_assembly 2/28

Once the headlight assemblies were reinstalled, the new front bumper was bolted up. Mid America Motorworks provides all new hardware for ease of installation. The finish on the bumpers was mirror-like.

Sucp_0707_24_z Vintage_bow_tie_muscle Front_grilles 3/28

Coming down the home stretch, the front grilles were screwed in and the hood was prepped for installation. Once again, much caution was taken during installation due to tight tolerances.

Sucp_0707_25_z Vintage_bow_tie_muscle Cowl_installed 4/28

Finally the cowl is installed, and this baby starts to take shape. All items were rough fit and will be meticulously aligned prior to vehicle delivery.

Sucp_0707_26_z Vintage_bow_tie_muscle Completed 5/28

Not bad for half a day's work. We have most of the exterior components installed and can't wait until it's on the road.

Sucp_0707_27_z Vintage_bow_tie_muscle Special_thanks 6/28

Special thanks go to Corvette enthusiast Dave Carara of Creative Towing for graciously flatbedding our latest project from the Super Chevy Corporate Garage to Motor City Auto Body in Newark, New Jersey.


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