Chevy Mark V Big Block Engine Build Up - Power-Packed Mark V

This 540 CID Chevy Big Block Is Built to Rock

Cam Benty Dec 5, 2006 0 Comment(s)
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Why the Mark V?
The Mark V engine was an intermediate step in the evolution of the big-block Chevy, fixing problems encountered with the Mark IV engine, most notably, leaky mains, and oil pan gaskets. The Mark V engine does not use a bolt-on oil filter bypass and required installation of check valves into the engine to make it work with such systems (If you forget, the engine will appear to make proper oil pressure, only it will be missing the engine and only circulating through the oil filter system-for the time your engine will continue to run.)

Mark V Quick Spotter Guide:
* One-piece oil pan gasket
* 10-bolt timing cover with gasket (Mark VI uses six-bolt cover with an O-ring)
* Includes oil cooler option in the galleys for a remote oil cooler

540-cid Engine BuildUp - Specs and Parts List:
Big-Block Chevy
Fuel: Pump gas
Block: GM Mark V block with 4.5 bore and 9.800 deck
Crankshaft: Eagle forged crankshaft - 4.250-inch stroke
Connecting rods: Scat - 6.385-inch length
Pistons: KB Hypereutectic - 10.25:1 compression, flat top
Heads: RHS Pro Action 360cc aluminum - Mark IV style, 360cc intake runners
Piston Rings:
Akerly & Childs rings
1/16 top moly ring
1/16 top second cast-iron
3/16inch stainless expander

Camshaft information:
COMP Cams 306AR-10 mechanical roller camshaft
Lift: 0.680/0.680-inch intake/exhaust
Duration: 306-degrees intake/ 319-degrees exhaust
Lobe centers: 110-degrees

COMP Cams Valvetrain:
COMP timing chain with degreeable off-set key - degreed at 4 degrees advanced
COMP Cams rocker studs, guideplates, and lash caps, 10-degree machined keepers
COMP Cams Pro Magnum Roller rockers
COMP Cams titanium retainers - COMP Cams PN#731-16
COMP Cams 10-degree machined keepers
COMP Valvesprings COMP Cams PN#944-16
COMP Cams Endure-X mechanical roller lifters - PN#866-16
COMP Cams heavy-duty pushrods - PN#7131-8 intake, PN#7141-8 exhaust

Additional parts list:
RHS Pro Action cylinder heads 360cc - intake runners - all Mark IV style, 116cc chambers, ported by Toby Allison
Manley valves - 2.250-inch intake stainless steel valve, severe duty (0.250-inch long valves); exhaust valve - 1.880-inch stainless by 11/32-inch exhaust valves (0.100-inch long valve stems)
Heads ported and polished by Toby Allison, match ported the intake, did the bowl, blended the intake bowl to the seats, also ported the entire exhaust port and shaped the guidesCompetition Specialties - rear main seal adaptor (converts Mark V to Mark IV crankshaft)
Fel-Pro head gasket (allows a Mark IV cylinder head to adapt to Mark V block); Teflon-coated gasket includes 0.041-inch stainless steel o-ring embedded in the gasket
Dart single plane intake manifold - port matched by Toby Allison
NGK spark plugs - 5/8-inch head - requires small plug
Hooker headers 2/125-inch primary tube - length to be determined
ARP head bolts
Competition Specialties - Mark V front cover
ATI front dampener
MSD plug wire 8.8mm and billet distributor 6AL ignition box
Demon 850-cfm jets - 88 primary and 94 secondary jets, original power valve used Akerly & Childs bearings - rod and crank, special chamfered bearing because of big radium in the crankshaft
Milodon - oil pan, (30951), pickup (18310) and pump
Adams Machine, Lancaster, CA - all engine machining and balancing (owner Mark Adams)


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