Colton 1968 Chevrolet Camaro - Fallen But Not Forgotten

Part III: A Mad Dash To The Finish

Dakota Wentz Feb 12, 2007 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0605_02_z Colton_camaro_part_iii Engine_installation 2/20

A bright yellow motor for a bright yellow ride. The 350 was worked over to bring it back to life. COMP Cams, Holly, Stewart Components, Nitrous Express, Hedman Headers, EGGE Machine all helped get it back up and running.

Last time we left off, the students at Forsyth Technical College in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, were knee-deep in paint and body on the Colton Camaro. The car was dropped off at Forsyth seven weeks before its unveiling at the SEMA show, which really gave the team more like six weeks to build the car. (You have to factor in time to drive across the country to Vegas and such.) However, the team at Forsyth figured they could have the entire car finished, and they were up to the challenge.

For this month's segment, the bright yellow and black paint scheme is completed. All that's left is a mad dash to the finish, meaning the team has to assemble the entire car! Suspension, motor, brakes, interior, wiring, stereo-literally everything needed to be done before the Coltons saw that tarp ripped off at SEMA. With students and teachers working around the clock, the car was finished on time. They even had time to include some details and extra add-ons, such as nitrous and stereo systems, which are all the rage in Lance's teenaged group. The team managed to build a custom stereo system housed in the trunk. They also decked out the nitrous tank to match the Camaro's yellow paint.

What some shops couldn't do in four months, the students-yes, that's right, students-banged out a quality ride in a matter of weeks; and it is a quality ride. With students working on various tasks across the board, they managed to gel and get the project done. It's amazing what a little bit of teamwork will get ya.




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