Danchuk Manufacturing 1956 Chevy - Birth of a '56, Part III

Part III: Takin' a Peek at the Undergarments

Dakota Wentz Apr 6, 2006 0 Comment(s)
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What's that drawn-out clich we always hear, "It's not what's on the outside that matters, it's what in the inside?" Apparently, J. Howard Marshall, (the Texas billionaire who married Anna Nicole Smith), didn't get that memo! But one such company that did is Danchuk Manufacturing. When the Danchuks set out to restore the showroom '56 it was decided from day one that it would be a ground-up restoration from the inside out

Although the straight-edged, metal-finished body is what most people are going to be drawn to, those who decide to get belly down and take a look will be just as pleased. Every bit of effort that was put into the body has been toward the '56's underpinnings. After Huntington Beach Bodyworks straightened and repaired the rusted frame, it was hauled off to Danchuk's for some serious resto work.

At Danchuk, the frame was completely disassembled. Then the frame, rear housing, A-arms, springs, backing plates, and pretty much every other semi-gloss black piece under the car was sent off to the powdercoater. Once back, the entire frame was reassembled using all new correct parts, and detailed as original using a judging manual to assure accuracy

The engine and transmission were freshly rebuilt and detailed by Chuck Smith Performance Services in Valley Center, California. As for the original numbers-matching 265 PowerPak, it received new pistons, rebuilt rods, new valves, and a valvetrain. It still sports the original PowerPak grind cam, PowerPak heads with 4-bbl intake, and a Rochester carb. Chuck also completely detailed the 265 and spent the time to take the dings out of the valve covers. Check it out.


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