Heads, Cam, and Ignition Testing on a Small Block Chevy - Danger Mouse Part 24

Testing Edelbrock's E-Tec 200 Heads

Mike Petralia Nov 1, 2004 0 Comment(s)
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And speaking of oil systems, the Moroso oil package we've been running for some time now has proven to be ultra reliable and leak-free, which is something we all strive for.

Second Strike Technology
There was another power player this month and it was his second time sitting at the table: the Pertronix Second Strike ignition box. The last time we tried some stuff from Pertronix was in our high-compression tests back in DM Pt. 23. That's when we'd hooked up a Pertronix Plug-N-Play distributor and the Second Strike box and poured in some 105-octane race gas. We didn't talk too much about the Second Strike's results at that time because its testing was done on race gas and we wanted to keep concentrating on the pump-gas performance.

But the results were undeniable, the Second Strike box added power, especially in the mid-range. We figured this month's test would be the perfect time to reintroduce the Second Strike box into DM's regime and share the results with you. Without the Second Strike box connected, running just the Pertronix distributor and coil, DM pulled off what we thought were some good power numbers. But connecting the Second Strike box and playing with its crank angle offset (C.A.O.) we were able to tune in another 10-plus ft-lb of torque throughout the entire rpm range! And all of it was done without any other ignition box or accessory hooked up, meaning this is truly a plug-in-and-make-power system.

Dyno Testing Part 27
Danger Mouse specs for Part 27 - Test 44:355 cid, 10.0:1 cr, 4.030-bore 4-bolt Motown block, 3.48-stroke Lunati crank, 5.7-inch Lunati rods, Lunati flat-top forged pistons, Speed-Pro moly rings, Edelbrock E-Tec 200 heads (64cc chambers, 200cc runners, 2.02" intake valves, 1.60" exhaust valves), Edelbrock Super Victor Vortec intake manifold, Edelbrock Performer RPM hydraulic roller camshaft installed at 105-degree intake CL (234/238 @ .050, 296/300 adv, .574/.584 lift w/ COMP 1.6:1 rockers, 112 LS), 36 total advance, 91-octane. Tested on Speed-O-Motive's DTS dyno.

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