Weiand Small Block - Pt. 25: Ramming Power

Who Says You Can't Add Torque With a Hi Ram?

Mike Petralia Sep 1, 2004 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0409_06_z Weiand_small_block Torque_chart 2/12

Note that the power for T42 does not begin until 3,600 rpm. That's due to the fact that dynos load engines differently than cars do. Instead of accelerating up through the rpm band from right off idle like a car would, a dyno must first let the engine accelerate past the point of its lowest test rpm, which we've always set at 2,500 rpm for DM. Once past the starting point, the dyno actually loads its water brake harder in order to pull the engine rpm back down below its starting point an then the dyno releases the engine to accelerate up through the rpm band after the operator gives the command.

It's like trying to climb a hill at WOT, but that hill keeps getting steeper and steeper, so much so that your engine won't move the car anymore and the engine just gets bogged down! It's hard to explain, but keep in mind that with 1,300 cfm of carburetor sitting on top of the manifold, the engine does not meter fuel that well when loaded so heavily like this either. So sometimes the dyno does not act like a car. But, if this engine were in a car, we're sure that it would be able to accelerate strongly from well below 2,500 rpm.

Sucp_0409_07_z Weiand_small_block Dyno_chart 3/12

Danger Mouse specs for Part 24 - Test 40:
*Previous test from last month 355 cid, 12.5:1 cr, 4.030-bore 4-bolt Motown block, 3.48-stroke Lunati crank, 5.7-inch Lunati rods, Lunati domed forged pistons, Total Seal ductile iron Gapless top rings, Edelbrock Victor Jr. heads (64cc chambers, 215cc runners, 2.08" intake valves, 1.60" exhaust valves), Edelbrock Super Victor intake manifold, COMP Cams XR286R solid roller camshaft installed @ 105 intake CL (248/254 @ .050, 286/292 adv, .606/.612 lift w/ COMP 1.6:1 rockers, 110 LS), Carb Shop modified Holley HP950, 35 degrees ignition advance starting at 2,400 rpm, ramping up to 38 total at 5,500 rpm, 91-octane

Danger Mouse specs for Part 25 - Test 42:
Same as above but with Weiand PN 1984 Hi Ram and twin Holley HP650 carbs, 91-octane

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