MSD Ignition Box - PT. 24: Spark Box

Computerized Timing Is Here To Stay

Mike Petralia Aug 1, 2004 0 Comment(s)
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Msd 8977 Multi-Function Digital Controller Capabilities
It's actually kind of a shame that our only use for the MSD unit we tested this month was adjusting the timing because it can do so much more than that. The Individual Cylinder Timing (ICT) function is particularly useful in high power applications.

It also has multiple timing retards and a three-step rev limiter for things like: burnout, launch, and peak rpm. The Sequenced Shift Light operation allows you to program a different shift light point for each gear you pull which can really help knock down e.t.'s once you get a handle on it. And the Boost Retard function helps stave off detonation when you start pumping pressure into your engine.

*Digital Operation
*Individual Cylinder Timing
*3-Step Rev Control
*Start Retard
*Multi-Stage Retard
*Launch Retard
*Gear Retards
*Boost Retard
*Run Timing Curve
*Sequenced Shift Light


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