Camaro Fuel Injected 454 Engine - Part 1 Motown Injection

World Products' 454 And Fast Fuel Injection Combine To Power Super Chevy's Road Tour Camaro

Barry Kluczyk Jun 1, 2004 0 Comment(s)
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The Motown block locates the camshaft is the Chevy engine's original position, so all aftermarket and OE timing sets will bolt up. Also, the cam bores are original size. The camshaft was degreed 112 degrees.

"Of course, functionality was the priority when we designed the block," says World Products' Bill Mitchell. "But when you look at those ribs and the aluminum finish, you couldn't help but say, 'wow, that looks cool!'"

Like the iron Motown blocks, the aluminum version has a 9.025-inch deck height, four-bolt mains and it accepts all OE-type accessories. World has a unique way of inserting the steel cylinder liners, too, which prevents oil from being drawn between them and the aluminum bores.

"That oil acts as an insulator and prevents the aluminum from transferring heat from the steel liners," says Mitchell. "It's an issue with all aluminum blocks, but we've solved it."

The Motown Lite block has maximum bore of 4.125 inches, allowing for a maximum engine displacement of 427 ci. Mitchell says a fully dressed engine, complete with aluminum heads, intake and carburetor, weighs less than 450 pounds.

Pricing, however, may be the block's best feature. It lists for $3,495 with billet steel main caps and $3,295 with nodular iron caps. Order it as an upgrade to a World Products Motown crate engine, however, and it'll add just $2,000 to the bottom line-a bargain, if you ask us.

So, who's up for building a small-block ZL-1?
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