Small Block Chevy Test Engine Results - Danger Mouse Recap, History, and Summary

Learning How To Make Tons Of Extra Power

Mike Petralia Dec 1, 2003 0 Comment(s)

T27: GMPP Aluminum Fast Burn heads (9.2:1 cr, 62cc chambers, 210cc runners, 2.00-inch hollow stem intake valves, 1.55-inch Sodium filled exhaust valves), GMPP single-plane intake manifold, Holley HP750 carb with 73/84 jets, COMP Cams Xtreme Energy hydraulic roller camshaft XR-282-HR (230/236 at .050, 282/288 adv, .510/.520 lift, 110 LS). GMPP 1.5:1 aluminum roller rockers, 36 degrees total advance.

T28: Installed Holley Commander 900-cfm four-bbl electronic throttle body fuel injection.

Rebuild, Repair, And Re-Test
We've learned that no matter how tough you build an engine, there comes a time when it will need to rest. Now is DM's time to rest, while we rebuild it to make it stronger and faster. We've got many more tests and ideas in store, but want to really encourage you to send in your ideas. Send us you wildest fantasy engine build! Or maybe some combination your friend has been running that you can't figure out how it makes as much power as it does. Any idea you have is worth listening to. Of course, we can't run them all and even the ones we do run might be modified a bit to make work within our time and budget constraints. But the bottom line is that DM will live again and continue to be a better way for you to learn how to make the most bang for your bucks.


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