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Ronney Kissinger Nov 1, 2003 0 Comment(s)

The car I am working on is a '59 Corvette with a later model 283. The engine is out of a '62 Impala, I think. I would like to convert the distributor to an electronic configuration while leaving the stock look. I have been told there is a conversion unit being sold that will convert it to all electronic and eliminate the points. It supposedly also only has one wire from the distributor to the coil making it look stock. I was also told the unit does not work on early Chevrolet distributors. How can I tell if it will work on mine? What company makes the unit? How can I contact them?Wil ParsonsVia e-mail

Yep, there is a slick unit now available through M & H Electric Fabricators that will replace your old point and condenser set up with a one wire hook up. The unit is super easy to install even with the distributor installed in the engine. It will fit all point type distributors manufactured by GM from 1957 forward. The easiest way to identify your unit is by the distributor cap itself. If it has a window with a sliding door to adjust the points, the M & H unit will fit-no window, no fit. The '55-56 V-8 engines used a closed cap with spring clips, while the '57 units incorporated a window for point dwell adjustments. The electronic unit, however, requires using a full 12 volts and necessitates wiring around the ballast resistor. M & H Electric Fabricators are located at 13537 Alondra Blvd, Dept. SC, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670, (562)926-9552. Give them a call for any other questions. They welcome inquiries like yours. Hope you get a charge out of your new ignition, Wil.

Match Game
Could you help me identify an engine my local wrecking yard says is a match for my '75 Chevelle? The engine is clean, neat, and complete. They claim it only has 45,000 miles on it. It does come with a 90-day warranty so I guess I have nothing to lose. I just want to make sure it is a match and will fit my Chevelle. The numbers stamped on the passenger side front are F0619C CTU and the casting number, according to the yard manager, is 3951509. Hope you can help. If you need more info or numbers, let me know please. The car came with a 400 V-8 originally, but was taken out by my brother some time ago and sold...bummer!Matt HelmSun Valley, CAVia e-mail

Let's get right to the decoding, Matt, and see if they have what you need:F = Built at Flint motor plant06 = Built in the month of June19 = Built the 19th day of the monthC = Chevrolet Motor DivisionCTU=Suffix code which indicates a 400 engine from a Chevelle with either a 350 or 400 trans. 175 horsepower

Casting number 3951509 also indicates it came from a Chevelle or Monte Carlo and is a 400 engine. To be sure, though, I would ask the yard manager to show you the casting number on the driver's side rear of the block. If you can verify it is as stated, I would say the engine is a good candidate. To be absolutely sure, I would pop a valve cover and check for casting numbers on the cylinder head which should be 333882. All these numbers correspond to a 175-horse version of the 400. Looks like the wrecking yard has found a good match for your project and we're excited to see more readers resurrecting the next generation Chevys.

Resto Tip Of The Month
Last month we talked about stripping fillers and lead out of your body panels and repairing rust. This month we will be looking at repairing dents and old body repairs. Old repairs like plastic fillers or lead need to be removed due to possible rust under them. You will need to know the extent of the repair. Don't just dress them up.


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