Small-Block Chevy Test Engine - Danger Mouse Part Two

Your Dyno Engine Is Ready For Service

Mike Petralia Oct 1, 2002 0 Comment(s)
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Dyno Tests
The first test we ran on Danger Mouse was to establish a baseline that any future tests could be compared to. Test 1 represents what a typical small-block 350 would make if it had just been blueprinted but still had most of its stock components. Test 2 represents what that same small-block would do with a performance dual-plane intake manifold, which, in this case, was a Weiand PN 8004. For Test 3 we removed the stock stamped-steel rocker arms and installed a set of Comp Cams 1.5:1 roller-tip Magnum rockers, which were worth some more power. In the final test we retarded the cam 2 degrees and picked up a little more peak horsepower. Except for the changes listed, nothing else was touched.

Dyno Testing Note:
Due to the way a carburetor meters and the way a dyno loads an engine for a test, there is a small drop in power at the beginning of each test. This drop in power is not indicative of how the engine would run in the car because it can continue to accelerate from the moment you hit the gas; for a dyno test we hit the gas wide open, then the dyno pulls the engine down to the preset start rpm and begins the test. This causes the carburetor to lose its signal temporarily at lower rpm due to the high load on the engine. Once the engine accelerates past that point, the carb begins to meter fuel correctly and the engine runs normally. So pay little attention to the dip in power around 2,800 rpm and give more attention to the power from 3,000 to 5,000 rpm.

Danger Mouse Profile
Compression: 9.4:1
Heads: stock 461 castings
Cam: Comp Cams 246/263 adv duration, 203/212 duration @ .050, .429/.438 valve lift, 110 lobe separation
Intake: stock iron
Carb: Carb Shop Q-Jet
Ignition: Proform HEI, Champion No.14 plugs
Fuel: 76 Performance, 92 octane
Advance: 37 degrees
Test 1: Stock baseline
Test 2: Changed intake to Weiand PN 8004 Action Plus, leaned out Q-Jet
Test 3: Installed Comp Cams 1.5:1 roller-tip rocker arms
Test 4: Retarded cam 2 degrees


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