1957 Chevy Classic - Updating A Classic

LT1 In A Shoebox. This Owner Saved The Best Swap For Last!

The larger-size stainless steel fuel tank required removal of the spare tire mounting hole and relocation of the battery box to the trunk area. Be sure to ground the battery back to the engine/transmission-engine to frame- engine to body.

The Rock Valley tank comes complete with stainless steel mounting straps and the high-pressure fuel pump already installed in the tank. The in-tank pump is quieter, runs cooler, and is a pusher, which reduces the opportunity for vapor lock in hot weather. If you decide on an external pump, planning pump location is very important in maintaining fuel flow.

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The Lokar LT1 braided throttle cable was installled. On LT1s with a 4L60E transmission don't run detent cables like '93-and-earlier cars.

The old factory harness and computer that came off the LT1 engine & transmission.

The new Street & Performance harness (PN 16188051), complete with a GM factory computer, came with the engine & transmission.

On a '96-97 LT1 engine you need to go back to the '94-95 computer so you can get away from OB-2. With the Street & Performance '94-later harness you don't have to run mass air flow. When running a 700 R-4 - 350/400 transmission, use the '92-93 computer (PN 16159278), which employs a programmable chip.

Lokar pedals were used for the brake, accelerator, and dimmer switch. Installing Lokar throttle and brake pedals improved the looks as well as the throttle cable pulls from the inside for a cleaner fire wall. Lokar makes a bigger pad for non-power-brake cars. This '57 was converted to power brakes.

We used a Lokar engine oil dip stick, which is flexible and lets you route around your headers, and a Lokar 4L60E firewall mount transmission fill tube.


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