1957 Chevy Classic - Updating A Classic

LT1 In A Shoebox. This Owner Saved The Best Swap For Last!

Sucp_0109_06_z 1957_chevy_classic Support_frame 2/32

After removing the hood, all of the front radiator housing and support framework is removed. Bolts are hidden in a number of locations, including underneath the frame pan, so be patient.

The old engine and trans come away easily, and the cleaning and detailing of the engine compartment and firewall can begin. If you're using a computer, now is the time to locate the computer unit and make appropriate modifications to the firewall.

The old front motor mounts are removed in preparation for the new side mounts which will reduce engine vibration. The original motor mounts interfere with new-style power steering pumps.

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The old 350 stands ready for removal.

The new power steering is the 605 '55-57 Gear Box Kit from Mullin Steering Gear or your local hot rod shop. The 605 gearbox and column are fitted before detail.

This '95 LT1 uses the 4L60E transmission, which shifts with the computer. Both '92-93 Corvettes and the '93 IROC had non-electric overdrive. All '94-up LT1s had the 4L60E transmission.

The LT1 factory bracket kit did not work in the '55-57 installation, so we picked the Street & Performance alt, air, power steering kit in chrome-we chose chrome for its easy maintenance and good looks. We used the wide-style brackets (Corvette-style) because we moved the battery to the back. If the battery box on your '57 is in the stock location, you have to run street rod-style brackets. On a '55-56 you can run either because the battery is on the firewall.

Sucp_0109_09_z 1957_chevy_classic Engine_pull 4/32

After positioning the LT1 and finishing the installation of the motor mount kit, we can build the rear transmission mount.

Hot Rod Assembly Line built the rear crossmember. This project is going to run the Dakota electric speedometer & gauges, so the harness will supply a wire to run the speedometer.

A set of Street & Performance coated LT1 Pro Car headers for '55-57s was installed. The LT1 Pro Car headers come with two O2 bungs, because on LT1s you must run one oxygen sensor on each side. The headers come complete with stainless steel bolts, gaskets, and collectors.

Tri-Five Chevy small-block Pro Car headers with all stainless head flanges and collector flanges and O2 bungs installed. Also available to fit a '55-57 with rack-and-pinon steering.




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