1963 Corvette - Split Personality Returns, Part 5

Systems: Exhaust, Fuel & Engine Electronics

Rich & Barb Lagasse Jun 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)

Components: The Speartech system comes with instructions for the connections to the engine plugs and sensors that include: fuel injectors, coils, knock, cam, crank position, oxygen, MAF, MAP, and coolant sensors. They can also provide a "fly-by-wire" throttle, which includes the throttle position and throttle pedal plugs, along with the computer program for that feature. Also included are the reprogrammed ECU, fuel pump relay, diagnostic port, check engine light, harness fuse block, and the lines for the vehicle speed sensor and reverse solenoid.

Installation: The first step recommended is to review the instructions provided, locate the components on the engine, and label each of the harness wires. Many of us don't like to take the time to read instructions, but these steps will make things easier. When you first open the engine harness package, it will look like a snake pit, so it's best to take the time now to become familiar with what you have to install.

The second step is to mount the ECU and find the best route for the wiring. You've already determined the location when ordering the harness, but mounting the computer at this point will help determine the best route to take. We start with the injector and coil wiring. Find the best route, keeping in mind the clearance of rotating parts and avoiding heat sources. It's also a good idea to use some type of holder for the wires, which will make the installation neater and keep things in place. We used stainless strap holders from Street & Performance, which can make them in any size you need. For the best fit you may find that some wiring may need to be shortened. We un-wrapped the harness in those locations, reinstalled the convoluted tubing, and re-taped things in place.

For our project, we decided to mount the ECU on the driver's side of the frame under our battery mount. This allowed a shorter harness length, easy access, and was next to the area of the firewall that we want to use for the wires, which will be routed into the passenger compartment. We made a plate and mounted the ECU to it and the plate to the chassis using neoprene isolators. Photo 20 shows how we mounted the ECU. Photo 21 shows the two connections at the transmission for the reverse lockout and the vehicle speed sensor. Photo 22 is a view of the rear of the harness, showing the lines running to the injectors and coils. Everything in the harness plugged right into place as it should.

Next Up:In future installments, we'll cover the cooling and heat/A/C systems when we address the interior and exterior features of the car. At the time this was written, we were still cranking away at a very long list of things to do, but enjoying every minute (well, most of the time) of the project and looking forward to its completion. You can check our Web site at http://www.corvetteforum.net/c5/richs7/ for more information and updates.




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