Shifty Business: Keisler TKO Five-Speed C3 Corvette Install

Project Shark Attack gets a new Keisler TKO five-Speed

Chris Petris Aug 4, 2006 0 Comment(s)


12 Obviously, there is no floor to deal with, and we hope this gives you an idea how it all goes together. The shifter is bolted to the plate from above and since it's centered in the shifter opening, the task is simple. No sealer is required, but we usually use a 11/416-inch bead of silicone sealer around the outer circumference to keep the dirt and debris out.

13 The transmission "dog" that the shifter lever rests in has a cap that requires two screws to be installed. Hand tighten the retaining cap screws, and you're ready to check the shifting action, which is always a good idea before buttoning it all up. Once the shifter is run through the paces and everything feels right, install the cover and you're ready to go. Did you fill the transmission? Now is the time to do a double check of all fasteners from top to bottom.

14 Notice the shifter in the stock location with factory shift boot. We opted for the Hurst stick for PSA ,but they also have the original style with T-handle if you like. The immediate thing you'll notice is how tight the shifter is and how short the throw is. The best thing about the assembly is that the linkage is all internal. There are no shifter arms outside of the tranny case, with dirt and water getting things corroded and full of road debris. Job done.


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