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The only thing worse than having your project stall due to lack of funds is having it screech to a halt because your shop just stopped working on it. Such was the situation for Tom Mazzorana's Camaro. He's had the '67 since 1977, which was his senior year of high school. Back then it was a Z/28 clone with a solid-lifter 302 and Muncie transmission. Between then and 2007 the Camaro has gone though quite a few looks and spent more than a few years just parked while Tom went about living life. Over the last few years the Camaro has been steadily morphing into the Pro Touring car Tom has always wanted. The first shop got the car painted in Mercedes Silver, but shortly afterwards closed their doors. The next shop took over but stalled out when it came to final assembly. That's when he hauled it down to the gearheads at Best of Show Coach Works (BOS) in Escondido, California. BOS has been getting the Mast Motorsports 605hp, 416ci LS3 plumbed in and ready to rock with its Tremec TKO-600 transmission. The brakes are Baer four-wheel discs with 13-inch rotors and the suspension is all Global West. After seeing our install on Bad Penny, the Camaro Performers magazine '68 project car, he also added an Auto Rad radiator and aluminum core support system. He hopes to have the Camaro on the road in time for the next car event season.

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