July 2012 Readers’ Rides

Immediately after purchasing the car, Eric put into action the big plans he had for it. He and his buddy Dustin Brannan began with some appearance upgrades including an HID headlight kit and a factory SS hood. For better performance, an SLP lid made its way under the hood while long-tube headers and custom exhaust, including QTP electric cutouts, were added to the mix. With a 2-inch suspension drop and replica Corvette ZR1 wheels wrapped in Nitto 555’s the car carries a more sinister look. Of course, Eric isn’t done yet. Future plans call for more horsepower and suspension upgrades.

Major James Moore

Camp 1207 09 Z July 2012 Readers Rides 2/27

2011 45th Anniversary Camaro

Even though Major James Moore is a U.S. Marine with 11 years of service and counting, he still manages to live his dream of “being involved with the best hobby in the world: the Chevrolet Camaro.” Being deployed to Afghanistan once and Iraq twice hasn’t gotten in the way of him upgrading and hot rodding his ’12 45th Anniversary model Camaro convertible. He calls the Camaro “Earthshaker” because, that’s just what it feels like while he’s behind the wheel. Upgrades include a chromed supercharger, ported heads, Hennessey 650 cam package, long-tube headers, Borla S-Type exhaust, 9-inch rear with 3.73 gears, and more. “To me, this car is an excellent example of how a 655hp car can be a daily driver and still take home awards at car shows,” boasts James.

Although still on active duty, there is the possibility of future deployments, but until that happens, you can find Major James Moore behind the wheel of this killer late-model muscle car.

Tom Alexander

Camp 1207 14 Z July 2012 Readers Rides 3/27

1991 Z28 Camaro

There are plenty of Camaro enthusiasts who prefer their F-bodies in stock form. Tom Alexander not only likes his original, but his very clean ’91 Z28 convertible managed to score 991 points at the Camaro Nationals in Orlando, Florida. The TPI 305s were considered grossly underpowered by most Camaro folks, but the killer handling offered in the third-gens was the payoff for their lack of grunt in the horsepower department.

You can have all the upgrades and horsepower you want, but Tom will be keeping this one in dealer showroom condition, reminding us that some people like cars just how they came off the assembly line.

Gene Porter

Camp 1207 11 Z July 2012 Readers Rides 4/27

1971 Z28 Camaro

Gene Porter is in the middle of a full upgrade on his gorgeous second-gen Camaro. The plan is for a 489ci big-block with ported and polished GM Bowtie heads and a COMP custom grind hydraulic roller cam to make its way under the hood. The bottom end will feature a Scat steel crank, Compstar rods, Probe supercharger pistons, and Hellfire rings. It will be fed by a FAST XFI fuel-injection setup. An F1 supercharger will make its way on top, with the goal of 1,000 hp at the flywheel. Hotchkis subframe connectors offer additional chassis support.

“We plan on making the Hot Rod Power Tour, so a Vintage Air Gen IV kit is mandatory,” mentioned Gene. “We also have an AutoRad aluminum radiator support and two-row 1.5-inch AutoRad radiator with dual fans, which will be run by a Dakota Digital fan controller.”

It’s just additional proof that today’s big horsepower cars can run on the street with best of them.


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