July 2012 Readers’ Rides

With only 57,000 miles on the clock, Frank plans on keeping it stock with the exception of a GM short 8-inch antenna and a set of Corvette custom fuel rail covers painted to match the car.

Tom Buonfiglio

Camp 1207 26 Z July 2012 Readers Rides 2/27

1977 RS Camaro

Tom Buonfiglio realized that back in 1977—the year of his Camaro—flashy stickers and bold graphics had taken the place of stronger engines found the early second- and first-generation Camaros. Disappointed with the horsepower offerings of the stock ’77, Tom swapped in a 350ci mill that produces over 300 rwhp. With more power under the hood, Tom loved the original paint scheme and in 1996 painted it back to its original glory. Tom’s proud to mention that his Camaro was put in the Heartbeat Class in the 2010 GM Nationals in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Robby Whitehead

Camp 1207 10 Z July 2012 Readers Rides 3/27

1968 Camaro

Sometimes it takes an important event to give you that little extra push to get things done the way you had envisioned. In the case of Robby Whitehead’s ’68 Camaro, it was his son Jordan’s high school prom that got the wheels turning in high gear. “Near the end of April 2011, Jordan informed me that he wanted to take the Camaro to his prom, which was in May,” tells Robby. “When we bought the car it had a cheap light-blue paintjob. My daughter Megan liked the orange and white stripe combination so that’s what we did.”

Robby and Jordan removed all the trim and interior and had various sources get the car ready in time for the prom. Just three days before the big dance, the car was finished and looked great. “This car really made their prom memorable,” said Robby. “I’m sure they will always cherish the pictures they took with the car, which will certainly bring back great memories.”

Andy and Helen Watson

Camp 1207 18 Z July 2012 Readers Rides 4/27

2010 SS Camaro

Generally when we write short pieces for the Readers’ Rides section, we sometimes have to get a little creative in putting a story together for some interesting reading. Not this time. Randy Watson did a great job of telling us his story.

“When my wife and I ordered our Camaro in July 2009, we couldn’t wait for the car’s arrival.

“I was sitting at the four-way stop in town when a truck carrying a Blue Camaro drove by—my heart started to pound. I immediately followed the truck and watched them unload the car at Putnam Chevrolet. I had to call the wife and give her the good news. That evening we picked up the new (loaded) fifth-gen Camaro. Since its arrival, we have upgraded it with a K&N Air Flow System and Flowmaster exhaust system. If you live in mid-Missouri and attend car shows or cruises, keep an eye out for our ’10 Agua Blue Metallic Blue 6.2L SS/RS Camaro.”

Darell Lord

Camp 1207 22 Z July 2012 Readers Rides 5/27

1969 Camaro

Darell Lord has had this ’69 for over 21 years, and what started out as a big-block engine swap eventually turned into a disc-brake conversion and an interior and trunk restoration. Darell was fairly happy with the upgrades, but wanted to take it a step further. “The one thing I really wanted to do was paint,” tells Darell. “So when I retired from the Air Force, I went to school at Arkansas State University and enrolled in their auto body and paint program. My final project before graduation was to paint and restripe my Camaro.”

The car’s appearance evolved even further and now sports a Yenko S/C tribute theme.

Tracy Cain

Camp 1207 12 Z July 2012 Readers Rides 6/27

1992 RS Camaro

Third-gen Camaros are ripe pickins for an engine upgrade. The body style looks great, but for the most part, they lack in the horsepower department. Tracy Cain was well aware of this so an LS1 made its way under that big ol’ hood. Engine upgrades include Patriot heads, a COMP cam, headers, a FAST 92mm intake and throttle body, and a custom cold-air intake. The increase in horsepower was addressed in the drivetrain as a Ford 9-inch stuffed with a Detroit TrueTrac posi unit made the scene. Spohn control arms and Panhard rod were included for better handling.

No doubt Tracy has one of the baddest third-gens on any side of the Mississippi.


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