July 2012 Readers’ Rides

Bob Peters

Camp 1207 02 Z July 2012 Readers Rides 2/27

1971 Camaro

Proof that barn finds still exist is this ’71 Z28 owned by Bob Peters. “This car was located in a barn in Mooresville, North Carolina, sitting on blocks, with very little body damage and no rust for the past 25 years,” informs Bob. “It’s an all-original, numbers-matching car with only 87,000 miles on it. The original owner didn’t want to let it go, but with the understanding it would be completely restored, he finally gave in.”

Bob kept up his end of the deal and did restore the car, but he also changed out a few things for enhanced performance. A Tremec five-speed manual trans and 4.10 gears were a start, and the engine was rebuilt sans solid roller and replaced with a COMP Mutha Thumpr roller cam. It’s now good for 400 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. For visual sweetening, Bob lowered the car 2 inches all around and bolted up a set five-spokes, 17x8 up front and 17x9 out back. All are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport rubber.

Tony and Lisa Taylor

Camp 1207 01 Z July 2012 Readers Rides 3/27

1967 Camaro

Tony Taylor was looking forward to building his wife’s dream car, but 22 years of military service put the project on hold. “It just costs too much money to ship a car around the world,” tells Tony. “We were married in 1984 and it’s been her life-long dream to have a classic Camaro. I was finally able to retire about five years ago, so the saving and searching began.” Lisa, Tony’s wife, acquired the car through an eBay auction, brought it home from Arkansas, and the rebuild began. After years of gathering up just the right parts, “The Money Pit,” as Tony and Lisa refer to her big-block–powered ’67 Camaro, turned out exactly how they wanted. The car has won numerous show trophies and we’re certain it will keep Tony busy and Lisa happy for years to come.

Tim Mills

Camp 1207 30 Z July 2012 Readers Rides 4/27

2001 SS Camaro

It’s no secret that the fourth-generation Camaro is a great canvas for performance upgrades and there is no lack of go-fast parts for these cars. Tim Mills took advantage of some of those aftermarket parts and bolted up a few under the hood of his ’01 SS. The LS1 gets a little help from Pacesetter headers, DMH electric exhaust cutouts, PRC 215cc CNC cylinder heads, and a performance grind cam. A Moser 12-bolt rearend with 4.11 gears and 33-spline axles handle the extra grunt, and a set of American Racing Torq-Thrust M wheels (17x9 front, 17x10.5 rear) offer up a nice exterior race theme. Speaking of themes—Tim’s personal saying for this car is, “hated by neighbors, envied by friends.”

Brenden Copner

Camp 1207 03 Z July 2012 Readers Rides 5/27

1978 Camaro

Young gun Brenden Copner saved this ’78 Camaro from becoming a circle track casualty when he was just 15 years old. Recently turned 20, the young hot rodder has spent the last four years restoring this cool second-gen via skills he learned from various body shop classes, and now he’s currently working on finishing up his auto tech program. The car has a 305 and TH350 trans with a Carter 600-cfm carb and an Edelbrock aluminum intake. Flowmaster Super 40 mufflers hang out the rear, and for an appearance upgrade, Brenden bolted up a set of old-school Cragar SS wheels.

Bryce Wentworth

Camp 1207 04 Z July 2012 Readers Rides 6/27

1977 Camaro

Before acquiring this ’77 Camaro, Rochester, Minnesota, resident Bryce Wentworth can’t help but recall the nice ’75 he owned while attending college. That car was T-boned at an intersection and he used the insurance money to make it drivable enough to finish school.

A few years ago Bryce got the itch to once again own a big bumper second-gen, so he went on the Internet and found this one, which was located in Phoenix, Arizona. “I flew to Sky Harbor Airport, met the owner and signed the paperwork, then drove the car all the way home,” remembers Bryce. “I enjoyed every minute if it.”




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