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June 2012 International Readers' Rides

Autobahn Blast

Camp 1206 00 Z June 2012 International Readers Rides 2/6

Netherlands resident Rene Kooger loves Camaros and he wasn’t about to let the fact that he lives thousands of miles, and a big ocean, away from the nearest parts warehouse get in his way. Back in 1978, he spied a Hot Rod magazine article where Herb Adams transformed a ’78 F-body into a Porsche killer. That story set the stage for Rene’s future build. In 1996, he finally secured a ’67 and began making his American muscle dreams a reality. An LS3 engine, backed up by a Tremec T56 six-speed, found it’s way under the hood, while the steering was tightened up by a quick-ratio Lee steering box. For suspension, Rene went with a mix of parts including SC&C arms, Koni shocks, a Fay’s Watt’s link, and Eibach front springs paired with modified composite leafs in the rear. Vette brakes handle the stopping, and the ’67 rolls on 17-inch BBS wheels. It all makes for a Camaro that’s a blast to drive. As Rene recalled, “The picture I sent was from August 2011 when I drove the Camaro on the Nurburgring (Nordschleife). We just did one lap, but it was a ton of fun. It was the first day of our vacation, so we took it slow and didn’t get carried away trying to hang onto the faster cars and bikes. We made it in one piece and got to enjoy the Camaro the rest of the trip on the German Autobahns and through the Austrian and Swiss Alps. Believe me, the hills were alive! The car is a ton of fun and we logged about 2,000 miles that trip.”

Island Cruiser

Camp 1206 01 Z June 2012 International Readers Rides 3/6

While not technically another country, Puerto Rico isn’t quite a state either, yet. Still, as an island nation nestled in the beautiful Caribbean, it does present challenges for those that catch Camaro fever. Six years ago, Angel Diaz picked up this ’91 Z28 from an elderly lady and began the transformation. Since then he’s added KYB shocks, an MSD ignition, and a rockin’ exhaust system. Three years ago, Angel had the car repainted, and since he’s a graphic artist, it was only natural that he design and install his own graphics.

Dutch Treat

Camp 1206 02 Z June 2012 International Readers Rides 4/6

Building a classic Camaro overseas is huge undertaking since most of the parts need to be sourced from the U.S., which adds time and cost to the equation. Bram Rook, lives in Holland, but he wasn’t going to let a little geography get between him and his desire to roll in American muscle. His ’67 has taken him over 7 years to build. “Most of the parts I brought over in the car when I bought it. I also visit the U.S. almost every year, sometimes twice a year, and I always make sure to go car parts shopping,” recalled Bram. The paint was finished back in 2009 by AJ’s, and the color was chosen after seeing Tech Editor, Steven Rupp’s ’69 Camaro build. The base color is Rally Blue Pearl sourced from a Subaru WRX, and the stripes are done in Silverstone from an Infinity G35. Bodywork touches include a custom grille and lower valance with ’69 Camaro driving lights, along with a one-off aluminum front spoiler. The suspension is modified with an Air Ride Shockwave system, and behind the Intro 18-inch wheels is a complete Baer brake system. Under the hood, a 400ci small-block provides the power while a TH400 handles the shifting duties. Eventually, Bram wants to swap over to an LS engine and overdrive trans, but for now the drivetrain is sufficient to put a smile on his face whenever he rotates the ignition key.

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