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January 2012 Readers' Rides

Pro Cool

Camp 1201 02 Z Camaro Readers Rides January 2012 2/7

There’s Pro Touring and Pro Street, but there’s also a build style that falls somewhere in between. Max Borges’ Miami-based ’67 is one of these rides. The Boyd Coddington 20x15 and 18x8 wheels evoke a “bigs and littles” drag vibe, but the custom leather interior was crafted for comfort rather than the dragstrip. To improve handling, there’s an Art Morrison rear four-link with adjustable coilover shocks. The drivetain consists of a full-roller 383 small-block mated to a Tremec TKO 600 five-speed, which sends the power back to a 9-inch rear with 3.90 gears. All the slick paint, subtle leather, and gleaming chrome makes for one badass Camaro.

Finnish Line

Camp 1201 03 Z Camaro Readers Rides January 2012 5/7

Jarno Siitari of Finland didn’t send us much info on his sweet ’68 Camaro, but we love the Gulf-inspired paint scheme, and the steel wheels are breath of fresh air. We dug around online and found out the car was origionally a grandma-fresh Plain-Jane 327 V-8 Camaro that he bought in Burbank, California. Once back in Finland, he tore it down and replaced the old small-block with an LS1/T56 combo from a fourth-gen F-body. Other parts include a big brake kit from CPP, Hedman Hedders, and Bilstein shocks. All we know is that it’s great to see American muscle rockin’ it overseas!

Having It His Way

Camp 1201 04 Z Camaro Readers Rides January 2012 6/7

Right now Robert Bellander lives in Gallivare, which is way up in the northern end of Sweden, but back in ’98 he had a job in the U.S. where he developed a taste for American treats like the Chevy Camaro. “I bought the Camaro in Colorado and brought it home with me when I returned to Sweden. I’ve kept the car since then and have been working on it during the long winters and driving it as much as I can afford during the summers. “Gas prices here are about three times as expensive as in the U.S.,” remarked Robert. Since transitioning to Europe, the Camaro has been given an LS2 engine transplant from an ’06 GTO complete with a T56 six-speed. In addition, Robert stripped the Camaro to bare metal and gave it fresh white paint that has an orange/gold effect in it. He’s also tweaked the suspension and added some comfy Sparco seats. We’re always impressed with these overseas Camaro builds since its way more difficult to pull off than here on U.S. soil. If you want to check out more pictures of his and other American cars hanging out in Sweden, check out

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