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October 2011 Readers' Rides

Aug 26, 2011

Senior Project

It was 2009 when Alex LeBlanc got his greatest Christmas present. It was one that required venturing out onto the driveway to take delivery. You see, Alex’s dad had bought him an ’86 IROC Z28 for a thousand bucks. It wasn’t a show car, but to a high school kid, it must have seemed like the best present possible. After spending $1,500 in parts and putting in a ton of hours wrenching, Alex and his dad had the Camaro running great. But then things got a bit dicey. “After driving it for five months, I was rear-ended. My insurance company declared that it was totaled and gave me the car along with $3,100. With that money, I had it repaired and painted at Gateway Autobody in Gilbert, Arizona. I also restored the wheels, put in a 3-inch Hooker exhaust, and had Heath Elmer add the custom hockey stripe.” Since then Alex has had a blast cruising the third-gen and has even hit the local drag strip. We’re pretty sure Alex has caught the gearhead disease and won’t ever sell his Camaro.

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Dream Fulfilled

Back when Trevor Burge of Alberta, Canada, was just 15 years old, he wanted nothing more than to wrench on his ’73 Camaro with his dad. “Near the end of the build, when we were in for paint, I saw a ‘69 in for paint as well,” states Trevor. “I loved my first car and enjoyed it for many years, but I never forgot the way that ’69 looked. I vowed I would someday have one.” Fast forward 25 years and Trevor was finally in a place where he could make good on that promise to himself. He searched for over a year before finding this ’69 on eBay. It was a fully running and finished car, or so he thought. Twelve miles after driving it home, the motor blew. Bummer. So out came the 454 big-block for a complete rebuild, and while there he ditched the automatic in favor of a Tremec TKO-600 five-speed. As Trevor told us, “I’ve been working on the ’69 and enjoying every minute of it ever since.

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Number 15

Randy Hampton loves Camaros, and this green ’69 is the 15th one he has held title to. He’s the third owner of this F-body, which is powered by a 524hp 383 built by Kittler’s Automotive in Bossier City, Louisiana. Backing up this engine is a TKO-600 five-speed trans and posi 12-bolt rearend. And while his car gives off the cruiser vibe, it has some serious parts in the suspension area. Detroit Speed Inc. 3-inch drop leaf springs out back and a complete DSE front suspension with Koni coilovers gives the Ralley Green F-body a killer stance and the chops to hit corners hard. The brake system was upgraded with a 13-inch Baer track system along with a DSE 9-inch power booster. The rest of the car is super clean, and while the underpinnings have been modernized, the Camaro still has that classic feel.

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