Four-Point Rollcage Kit - Safe And Sane

Project Orange Krate Gets Additional Safety And Chassis Strength With A Rollcage From Detroit Speed Inc.

Chuck Vranas Jan 1, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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•When building a performance car that will see plenty of action on the street as well as abuse on the racetrack, it pays to do your homework. Choosing just the right chassis components will no doubt have it sticking to the road as you blast through the curves, laying down serious amounts of g-force. Adding a stout rollcage will not only bring additional strength to the chassis, but also plenty of safety in case it's ever needed. High-performance driving is serious stuff and the team at Detroit Speed Inc. infuses plenty of race-proven performance engineering into all of their components. Their four-point rollcage kit for second-gen Camaros (PN 011303) features a main hoop and removable crossbar constructed from beefy 1 5/8-inch mild steel tube with 0.134-inch wall strength. The kit comes pre-bent and pre-notched for easy installation and includes detailed instructions and all components needed. Not only is it designed for added chassis strength and safety; it also follows the lines of the original interior while not interfering with entry or exit. Combined with a sleek look that keeps it close to the headliner and rear window glass, its overall impression covers all the bases.

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Once the kit arrived, Peter Newell of Competition Specialties in Walpole, Massachusetts, uncrated everything from its shipping pallet, reviewed the installation instructions, and was ready to roll. Prior to any metal grinding or welding, Detroit Speed recommends removing the complete interior prior for protection.

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Once all was said and done, the installation looks clean and well-designed, and will add strength to the chassis and, most importantly, safety to your ride.

Follow along as Newell takes us through the installation process.


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