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In hot-rodding the only constant is change. Take this 1971 Chevy Camaro owned by Frank Luna Jr. Back in 1971, Helen Luna and her dad, Frank Sr., went car shopping. What Helen ended up with was a Camaro for her to commute in. Eventually she relocated to Tucson, Arizona, leaving the Camaro behind. In 1993 she got it back when her dad stopped driving and she moved to Ramona, California. From there, the family Camaro was passed on to her son, Dustin, when he got his driver's license. Eventually Dustin graduated high school and joined the Navy. This left the Camaro languishing in the driveway until 2006. Her brother, Frank Jr., came by to help with some home repairs and when he wouldn't accept payment, Helen gave him the '71. Of course, that just meant the Camaro was now parked at Frank's Jr.'s. After three years in the garage and with an ever-growing puddle of oil underneath, Frank was told by his wife to either get the car fixed or get rid of it. Frank was referred to Cris Gonzalez at JCG Restorations in Oxnard, California, and a plan was put in motion to restore the worn-down Camaro. But Frank started seeing all the cool restomod stuff at the shop and decided to take the project in a different direction. An L99 LS engine was sourced from a '10 Camaro and soon more aftermarket parts were added to the mix. Speartech reworked the factory harness and DSE parts help the handling, with Wilwood binders taking care of the braking duties. In the looks department the '71 was shot in GM Atomic Orange paint by JCG and a set of NewGen rollers from Driverz Inc. are patiently waiting to be installed. When done, the Camaro will become Frank's wife's daily driver and serve yet another member of the Luna family.




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