Quadra Link Rear Suspension - Harnessing The Power

Dialing In The Rear Of Orange Krate With DSE's Quadra Link

Chuck Vranas Oct 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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•Walk through any national event, or even a local cruise night, and it's easy to observe that numerous car owners are under the impression they can simply bolt a bad-ass mill to the 'rails and instantly become king of the street or strip. The truth, however, proves that it takes more than brute horsepower to be successful at that game. In order to put the grunt to work, you need to be able to hook it up once it leaves the driveshaft. Handling and straight-line performance are more than just mere "buzz words" today; they are a major part of the performance gospel. When it came time to choose the path for Orange Krate, our second-generation project, there was no doubt that the car would need to handle like it was on rails while ripping through the gears, taking it to the dark side. To make sure all of its aggressive attitude could be harnessed, a call was placed to Detroit Speed for one of their cutting-edge new Quadra Link rear suspension packages.

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A perfect way to upgrade from the factory leaf-spring setup, the Quadra Link system employs Detroit Speed's industry-leading four-link geometry combined with their new Swivel-Link technology, which creates a smooth, nonbinding performance suspension that's all business. Without the use of the standard Heim joints or urethane bushings, the new system utilizes tuned high-durometer rubber bushings that allow the suspension to fully articulate while retaining smooth and quiet operation. Combined with longer upper links to provide accurate pinion and U-joint angle control, an adjustable Panhard tube for rear axle lateral control during hard cornering, and Detroit Speed's aluminum-bodied adjustable coilover shocks, there's no doubt the car will be firmly planted to the earth. For this application, we also decided to upgrade the rearend with one of Detroit Speed's rock-solid, 9-inch Ford rear axle housings filled to the brim with all the right goods, including a nodular iron centersection and Moser axles. To be sure the car could stop on a dime, Baer Brake Systems got the nod for one of their Extreme-Plus braking packages featuring their massive 6S six-piston monoblock calipers and two-piece, cross-drilled and slotted 14-inch rotors. When dialing in the combination for the back half of your car, it's important to execute a plan to reflect what you ultimately wish to accomplish with it once it's completed.

Once again, Peter Newell and the team at Competition Specialties in Walpole, Massachusetts, handled the metamorphosis of Project Orange Krate. We also want to thank Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes in Medford, Massachusetts, for supplying the necessary cutting wheels grinding discs for this project.


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Baer Brakes
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Moser Engineering
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