Project Orange Krate - Gettin' Tubbed

We Had To Make Room For Some Serious Rubber In Our Second-Gen Project Car, So Out Came The Cutting Wheel, Sawzall, Welder, And A Few Hammers.

Chuck Vranas Sep 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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When you come upon a car for the first time, nothing conveys an "all business" attitude more than a low-slung, aggressive stance. If it's perfectly dialed in, it will surely leave you with a long-lasting impression. Done wrong, however, and you'll walk away scratching your head wondering what they could have possibly been thinking. It doesn't matter if the car is in primer or coated with plenty of dazzling vibe, getting it to sit right takes a number of revisions to achieve not only the look but also the handling ability to back it up.

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If you want to run a wicked set of wheels and fat tires out back, there's only one way to kick off the party-mini-tubs. We made a call to Detroit Speed Inc. for a set of their deep tubs (PN 040403) for second-gen Camaros as we knew Project Orange Krate would be sporting 12-inch-wide Boze Lateral-G wheels out back wrapped in 335mm-wide BFG rubber. This will be the first step toward giving our second-gen project car extra attitude and necessary grip. Since it will be spouting out upward of 500 hp to the tires, we're going to need some biggies. Detroit Speed's deep tubs are constructed from rock-solid 18-gauge steel in the USA and are engineered for a perfect fit while also retaining the factory look. The kit also includes a set of front and rear steel flanges, design templates to help you through the installation, and a detailed set of illustrated instructions.

To take on the installation, we turned to Peter Newell and his team at Competition Specialties in Walpole, Massachusetts. Team member Brian Jordan prepared the car for surgery and was ready to burn some metal. First off, he removed the interior and trunk panels to protect them from the upcoming welding and grinding. For easy access to the wheelwell areas, the gas tank and fuel lines were removed, as well as the complete rearend, brake lines, emergency brake cables, and driveshaft. With the underside and interior of the car picked clean, Jordan got started.

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A good rule of thumb as he moved forward was to "measure twice, cut once." With the templates provided by Detroit Speed Inc., it was a breeze laying out all of the correct incisions required to get the job done. Jordan, a master at his craft, took the time to utilize the templates and illustrate just how user friendly they made mapping out the cuts.

Hold on tight because we'll be tackling the rearend and rear suspension installation next!

A "special thanks" goes out to our good friend Ray Williams, who runs the Sherwin-Williams store in Medford. He supplied us with all of the cutting and sanding discs as well as the SEM products to complete the job.


Competition Specialties
Sherwin-Williams Automotive
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