Camaro Steering Box Kit - Power In A Box

Here's An Easy Way To Upgrade Your Third-Gen Steering.

Joe Rode Sep 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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For anyone who's ever replaced a leaking power steering box, you understand how easy the task would have been had the engine been out of your car. We've heard the grumblings and were smart enough to take advantage of the fact that our tired 305 from our Project Crossfire Z was removed and resting on the shop floor and tackled the chore of replacing our worn out stock steering box. With our Z28 equipped from the factory with the quickest Camaro piece offered (12:1 ratio providing three turns, lock-to-lock, of steering travel), our performance gains from this swap would come from the advanced internal mechanics of the new Flaming River box and the solidifying of the steering shaft assembly. And of course, we were also eliminating a major source of oil leaks.

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Once again, we employed the services of Joel Rode of Hot Rod Specialties in Upland, California, to help upgrade our steering components using Flaming River's complete Third-gen Camaro Steering Box Kit (PN FR1565, $1,250). The kit comes complete with a brand new (not rebuilt or refurbished) Flaming River steering box and slip shaft assembly with nickel-plated billet steel universal joints.


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