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Recycled Ride
The year 1995 was a busy one for Southern California resident Hector Ruiz. It was the year his son Hector Jr. was born and when he picked up a junker 1968 Chevy Camaro for 500 bucks. "The car was a pile, no glass, no fenders, no interior, and the gauges, along with the dash were stuffed in the trunk. I immediately got to work on the Camaro I dubbed 'Medusa'. First up was installing the dash, gauges, and glass along with a new interior. In six months she was drivable, but still looked like a junker. Even my friends poked fun at the car. Primer was her color for another few months, until my pocket book allowed for a decent paintjob," remarks Hector.

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Eventually, Hector saved up enough cash to send the F-body off to paint jail. During that time Hector was helping his mom clean up her yard. Now this part is a bit hard to believe, but Hector swears on a stack of NOS body panels that it's true. As Hector tells us, "I found a four-bolt 350 small-block my dad had in his backyard, but my mom was using it as a planter. After rescuing the block I had it machined, bored 30 over, installed a 327 steel crank, and got it running. After the paint was done, I installed the new engine and a TH350 trans I had rebuilt myself." With the '68 running sweet, his friends who used to crack wise on the Camaro wanted a ride, but Hector told them, "Sorry buddies!" At least for a while.

That planter-turned-engine served him well until more recently when his now 14-year-old son gave it a rebuild using some higher-end speed parts. Hector's son also helped rewire the car and slam in a killer audio system.

Recently, Hector lent the '68 to the guys over at Spectre Performance for some R&D work on a new line of sheetmetal spoilers and air intakes. Hector says, "They put a post up on www.Pro-Touring.com and I jumped at the chance to be involved with the project. The car is at Fast Eddie's Racecar Fabrication in Orange, California, and I can't wait to get it back! Amir and Dave at Spectre are such great guys, and it's cool to be part of their product development."

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Once Fast Eddies is done, Hector and his son plan on tackling a four-link install. After all, really fun cars are never actually finished.




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