2010 Chevy Camaro SS - Brakes Of Wrath

We Up The Stopping Power Of Our '10 SS With Some Bigger Binders

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Putting Them To The Test
Let's be honest here. Even though the new brakes look stunning all nestled up behind our rollers what we really wanted to see was an improvement in braking. The tough part is that what came as standard equipment was already pretty damn good. When we first took delivery of our '10 SS we put it through our battery of tests where it managed a best 60-to-0 braking distance of 125.63 feet-a very good distance considering the car's weight. With the new brakes installed we again visited the test track. To be fair we also had new tires, but the 200 treadwear Nitto NT05s were not too far off the 240 treadwear Pirelli tires that came on the car standard. The brakes and tires managed to yield a best 60-to-0 stopping distance of 112.59! Best of all that distance was repeatable with little to no fade even after repeated attempts. This test was done with Baer's low-dust, street-friendly pads. Race pads would have knocked the distance down even further.

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