2010 Chevy Camaro SS Centerforce Clutch Install - Up In Smoke

A Beefier Clutch Was Mandatory To Help Handle Our Newly-Found, Supercharged Power.

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When we first drove our '10 SS with the freshly-installed Magnuson supercharger we were in hog heaven. Driving down the highway, we only had to drop the six-speed down a gear to plaster a stupid grin on our face. The Camaro felt great, and the extra power was a welcome addition. All was good ... until the next day. Anxious to explore the capabilities of our new blower, we decided to have a bit of fun at a rural stoplight. The revs went up, the light flickered green, and we dumped the clutch. But instead of being rewarded with a hail of tire smoke, we found ourselves embedded in a haze of smoke that smelled of clutch material and shame. Yep, the stock disc went up in smoke like it was paying homage to some old Cheech and Chong movie.

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Knowing that we want to drive the Camaro hard, we opted to forgo a replacement GM unit and instead looked to the aftermarket. The guys over at Centerforce had been touting their new dual-friction 12-inch clutch, and since ours was toast, we decided to give it a try. According to Centerforce's Will Baty, it would easily hold the extra power emanating from our blown LS3, and it would have street manners in line with the factory offering. We also pulled the trigger on Centerforce's lightweight aluminum flywheel. The lighter rotating mass would help the engine rev faster-a good thing for road course and autocross duty, which is typically where we flog our Camaro.

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When we first drove our '10 SS with the freshly-installed Magnuson supercharger we were in hog heaven.
Apr 1, 2010


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