1968 Chevy Camaro Project Car - Fender Bending

Wider Is Actually Better When It Comes To Our '68 Project Car.

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While music aficionados may equate the phrase "one thing leads to another" to the '80s New Wave band The Fixx, hot rodders know that it's a group of words that really sums up this sickness we pass off as a hobby. When we scratch off a project from our list of automotive things-to-do, it always generates a few more items onto the very same list. A bigger engine means we need a better transmission, and that begets a stronger rearend, which necessitates stickier tires. See where this is going?

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In the previous issue, the metal crafters over at JCG Restoration and Customs in Oxnard, California, convinced us to stretch the rear quarter-panels on our 1968 Track Rat project car. The sheetmetal surgery came out great, but we soon realized that something was missing. The wider back end seemed a bit out of proportion to the front of the car. Our girl had the figure of a pear when we really wanted an hourglass. After careful consideration, and a few beers, we came up with the idea to perform the same modification on the front of the Camaro. The plan would be to bring the front fenders out 1 inch to better balance the 2 inches we stretched out the rear quarters. Like the rear quarter-panel work, this project falls more into the advanced category, but it does show what's possible once you start thinking outside of that proverbial box. As soon as this is done, we promise the '68 will be heading back to Best Of Show to get sprayed in it's luscious satin paint, unless this exercise in metal manipulation ends up leading to yet another idea.


JCG Restoration & Customs
Oxnard, CA 93036




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