2010 Chevy Camaro - Summer Catch

We Pass Around Our '10 Camaro Project Like Someone Else Owns It.

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At 6-feet 2-inches tall, I was very leery of the interior comfort for a guy my size, especially in lieu of the shoehorn I use to squeeze into my third-gen. While I found it most favorable to run with the steering column tilted to the full "up" position, I actually had to slide the seat forward a couple of clicks. My 6-foot 5-inch brother was just as delighted when he plopped in for a ride. The seats, while good, were just not quite there for me. A four-point harness to force the issue and add security may have done it for me. The headrests were, hands down, my least favorite thing about the car. Maybe it was due to my height, but their angle made things uncomfortable.

Camp_0910_07 2010_chevy_camaro Joe 2/8

When I first crawled in I felt like I was in a submarine, surrounded by instruments and slanted port holes. Expecting the worst, I figured I'd play hell leaving out of the small driveway at our office and into oncoming traffic. But it wasn't like that at all. The visibility was very deceptive. After about two minutes of adjusting mirrors and checking blind spots, it was all good. I immediately drove the car about 35 miles in nasty L.A. stop-and-go rush-hour traffic and never felt the least bit at a disadvantage with visibility. After really getting some time behind the wheel, I fell in love with the stealthiness. It was kind of like a limo with the darkest of tints, when you can see out but no one can see in.

Never being a big fan of the initial prototypes and renderings, I was mildly surprised once I spent some time with the real thing. And after driving it for a day, I fell in love with the ride and performance. The fact that it was a few inches too big and a couple of pounds overweight was lost.

What I loved most about the car was that it felt like a muscle car, albeit a modern one. It's the car that every guy with a '69 Camaro is now trying to build. It's got classic lines and cushy comforts with bad-ass performance and stiff suspension. It can get you around the twisties as fast as one can humanly handle while saving your cavities and complaints from your better half who wanted the Beemer instead. The needle on the tach even bounced a bit at idle with the ever-so-slight lope of the cam. I also loved the steering. It was the quickest and most responsive I had ever experienced. I felt that it really enhanced the enjoyment of driving the Camaro. I would have loved to get it out to an open-day track event. I would add lower rearend gears or do some tuning to give the car some more bottom end. I would also like a bit more noise from the exhaust. Other than that, it was just a flat-out fun car to drive.

Ed Zinke
Magazine Publisher
•The long wait was finally over as the editors stopped by to let me know that I would get a chance to drive a new '10 Camaro. Better still, it was a six-speed SS model and I get two full days with it-fantastic!

Camp_0910_08 2010_chevy_camaro Track_run 3/8

This car was everything that I had been hoping for during the long Camaro sabbatical. I also found it to be a vast improvement to the fourth-generation I had almost purchased just as they were being phased out.

With wide door openings, entry into the Camaro was easy. As you take stock of the surroundings you immediately notice the care that went into the layout. I loved the console-mounted gauge pack, and the sound system was quite good, although I didn't use it much as I wanted to hear the LS concert coming from elsewhere in the car. While I'm not crazy about the optional panel and seat inserts in the interior, others may appreciate it. Window visibility in itself is not great, but with the use of mirrors I experienced no blind spots.

Driving in traffic, the Camaro displays precise control and response to commands. Better still, it was like driving a "car show" as person after person gave a thumbs-up or wave of approval. Shift gates were precise and easy to find, although Sixth gear was not used much! The clutch was easy on the foot, requiring minimal effort.


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