2010 Chevy Camaro - Summer Catch

We Pass Around Our '10 Camaro Project Like Someone Else Owns It.

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Overall, I really like the styling of the '10 Camaro. The stance and look are great. I even liked the first concepts that I saw. I've been looking forward to getting my hands on this car to see if the driving experience lives up to the general bad-assness of the exterior. I'm glad to report that this car is a blast to drive! It's fast, corners well, and sounds great. It's easy to shift, which is nice while driving in heavy traffic, and makes hitting the open road a ton of fun. There are also features that add to the experience and comfort, like good-size cupholders, auxiliary power outlets, a USB audio input for your iPod or Smartphone, and a very big trunk.

Camp_0910_03 2010_chevy_camaro Engine 2/8

There were a couple things I didn't like about the Camaro: The trunk, while very spacious, has a very high lid. You have to lift items to waist-level in order to put them inside. For very heavy or bulky items, it's a workout on your back and there's the danger of scratching up the bumper while you maneuver things in and out. I'd also love to have memory settings for the driver seat and mirrors. My boyfriend and I swap cars, and it's a pain to re-adjust the seat. Also, why aren't there any handles inside for the passenger? They need an "oh sh*t" handle for when you're pulling g's around corners!

I don't think the car is perfect, and there is some room for improvement. To me, a car is kind of like a man, I can put up with a couple flaws if the rest of the package is good enough. The Camaro is more than good enough-it's fantastic. All in all, I'd say I'm in love.

David Stoker
Account Executive
•As an ex-owner of a fourth-gen Camaro SS, I found the ride quality of the fifth-gen to be substantially better than the fourth-gen. For those who know the comparison of a C4 Corvette to a C6, it's that type of difference. I would rank it among comparing European sports cars.

Camp_0910_05 2010_chevy_camaro David 3/8

The trans shifted nicely-much better than the T-56. The T-56 made some noise and shifts weren't as smooth and effortless as this new trans.

The seats are nice, comfortable, and give ample support when cornering. Overall room for rear passengers is poor, but there's lots of room up front. Compared to a fourth-gen, there is much more front-passenger room and overall comfort.

Visibility out front was fine, but seeing out back was a bit challenging at first. The small widows took a little getting used to, but after some time in the car, I got comfortable making lane changes.

I'm personally trying to let the exterior looks grow on me. I wish that GM would have went with a more retro design like Dodge did with the Challenger. At first I didn't like it, but after driving one, I nearly forgot about the outside appearance. Inside the car is nice. Some might say a little too much plastic, but I don't mind it. Controls are nice, and the gauges are bitchin.

The fun factor is definitely there, and it's a blast to drive. If you didn't know how much the car weighed, you would never guess it comes in at 3,900 pounds It's got plenty of horsepower, handles great, and feels well-balanced. The gauge cluster in the dash is killer, and the console-mounted gauges are perfect-makes you think of the '69 Camaro.

Driving the car around town is an attention-getter. I think I got more looks in this new Camaro than I do in my '67 Nova SS. Thumbs-up to GM for this new and improved '10 Camaro.

Joe Rode
Associate Publisher
•I loved the ride quality, but I would think that it's not for everybody. It was just stiff enough to feel the car and the road at the wheel, but the IRS calmed things nicely when you ran through the bad stuff.

The shift quality was great. I couldn't miss a shift if I tried. And that's coming from a guy who's owned nothing but automatics for the last 25 years. And WOW! I forgot how fun a six-speed could be. Having the car always at its torque peak was an exciting luxury. I wonder how long I would be able to drive it before the local law enforcement caught me in the wrong place at the wrong time.


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