2010 Chevy Camaro - Summer Catch

We Pass Around Our '10 Camaro Project Like Someone Else Owns It.

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With not enough time behind the wheel, I set out for one of the windiest roads in Riverside County I could find. What a ride! As I began taking lefts and rights, some off camber, the car was able to broadcast everything through the steering wheel. The ride was so good, I spent a well over an hour just having fun!

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My time with the Camaro was too short, but before giving it up to a colleague for their turn to drive, I gave it a good detailing. This allowed me to really check out the finish and fit. The body seams are straight and equal with a high-quality finish (having spent $8,000 and hundreds of hours in this area on my own projects, I feel a pseudo-expert to comment).

You can count me in on a '10 Camaro! I'm a huge fan and ready to part with the cash to own one. I'll take either orange or blue but outfitted exactly the same! Great job GM! Thanks for bringing it back.

Nancy Zinke
Restaurant Manager
•"The '10 Camaro is better than all the hype my husband leaves lying around the house. I have friends who've owned earlier versions of the car (late second-gens) and while nice, I was never totally impressed. But boy was I surprised with the newest version.

I drove the car on city streets and long stretches of highway-what a treat. I drive stick shift cars on a fairly regular basis and I found this car to be a very nice surprise. The clutch felt very comfortable and gear changing was very smooth and easy. The car has plenty of power to make moves on and off highways as well as pass all other cars with ease.

Interior-wise, everything is easy to find and operate. All the controls are close at hand, but I didn't try them all. (I could have used more time to get familiar with them).

Our drive was about an hour away, and after a short fuel stop on the way back home, I refused to give the Camaro back to my husband for his turn to drive (sorry honey, maybe next time).

The car is a definite attention-getter. When we parked the car, many people asked questions, made comments, or took photos next to it. All agreed on its good looks-me too.

I not only like the new Camaro, I want one!

Surprise, Surprise!
•City driving impressions are nice and that's what most of the new Camaro owners can relate to, but that's where the pedestrian aspect of this story ends.

We recently had the opportunity to really beat on our fully-loaded 2SS at GingerMan Raceway in South Haven, Michigan. The 1.8-mile road course enabled us to open the car up and see what it's really made of. We're more than happy to tell you that the car took all the abuse we could dish out. For a bone-stock Camaro, it handled corners very well and braking was fairly sufficient at quickly coming down from speed on the straightaways. Now, realizing the car weighs in at a little over 3,900 pounds, summoning every bit of the 426 hp to get the car up to speed on the straights was a bit challenging. There was just no way to keep up with the lighter first-generation Camaros armed with engines of comparable horsepower that we were up against.

After a day of road racing fun, we then took the '10 on an autocross course where we were once again surprised as it was able to keep up with many of the purpose-built cars on hand. Don't get me wrong, it didn't light the world on fire, but again, this is a heavy car in comparison to the other cars making laps on the 31-second-ish course. While a few cars got down into the low 30-second zone (one or two got down to the 29's), our stock '10 Camaro armed with Pirelli 240 treadwear tires clicked the timers with a quickest time of 31.1 seconds. The independent rear suspension really shined here and made the car feel quite agile, even while diving into and accelerating out of the sharpest corners.

Since driving a short autocross is more about finesse and precision than gobs of horsepower, the quickness of the steering made it competitive and a blast to drive.


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