1979 Chevy Corvette - Part 2: We Have Our Orders

Establishing the plan and setting a budget

Chris Petris Jan 28, 2005 0 Comment(s)
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Parts Lists & Costs: Barkes

Check the parts carefully when they arrive before beginning any work.Make sure they are the correct parts and aren't damaged.

What's Next?

The next phase will be the rear suspension, brake, and differentialrestoration work. Once we start on the rear suspension work, we'll orderthe front suspension parts. Once the suspension and brakes arecompleted, we'll go for a testdrive to check the condition of the engineand transmission.

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Parts Lists & Costs: Suspension

The aesthetics of Project Shark will come near the end of the project.We'll tackle the interior items once we're sure the car functions safelyand performs at the Corvette level.

We're satisfied with the exterior, and we'll deal with any issues whenbudget and necessity dictate.


Our goal with Project Shark Attack is to get you and your shark back onspeaking terms. Maybe you'd love to tackle the project, but need somemotivation. We'll show you how, on a budget, enjoying your shark can bea reality. Don't let the naysayers tell you your Corvette isn't worthinvesting time and money. A review of the classified ads in your areawill give you an idea of what Corvettes are going for. Armed with thatinformation, you'll realize your '74-'82 is clearly a project worthtackling.

Taxes, Tags, & Insurance

What could be worse than completing your project and finding out there'sa problem with the title? Delaying the title or registration work canresult in a few surprises.

* Many states impose a penalty if the title transfer is not done within10 days.

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Parts Lists & Costs: Additional Parts

* In some states, the title can be transferred without assigning alicense tag, if you prefer, as long as you sign an affidavit stating thecar will not be driven on any public right-of-way.

* In Florida, a bill of sale is required to reinforce the sale price. Ifthe selling price is lower than the typical Kelley Blue Book price andyou do not have a bill of sale, the state will send the buyer and selleran affidavit, which must be signed and notrized by the buyer and sellerverifying the sale price. If both parties cannot sign the affidavit,a penalty and whatever additional taxes are due will be charged to thebuyer.

I don't plan to drive the project car for a while, but since it's titledcorrectly, I can insure it during the partial restoration. My autoinsurance provider has 100,000, 50,000, 100,000 liability, uninsuredmotorist, personal injury protection, and physical damage coverageavailable at a reasonable cost. For approximately $150 a year, theCorvette will be covered from accident damage or inclement weather,based on a stated value of $8,000. If a road test is necessary, I candrive with confidence, although road-test mileage is strictly limited.Don't forget to increase coverage as the project nears completion.


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