1971 Chevrolet Camaro Project Orange Krate - Glass and Sound System

Project Orange Krate takes one step closer to hitting the road

Chuck Vranas Jun 18, 2014 0 Comment(s)
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Just because the reassembly piles are getting smaller for project Orange Krate, our '71 Camaro, it doesn't mean the job at hand is finished. Peter Newell of Competition Specialties in Walpole, Massachusetts, let it be known during this latest installment that “even though the paint on the body is dry, doesn't mean you're done with the build yet.” Wrapping up a project that's been a full-on custom build from the start requires perseverance and direction till the very end.

For this installment, we introduced Orange Krate to all new side glass, along with a new DSE windshield wiper motor.

Project Orange Krate Chevy Camaro 2/30

We know the car will spend a good amount of time at the track, and also plenty of street driving, so we made sure to plug in a nice sound system. And now being as good a time as any, we moved to the rear of the car and sealed the trunk area then hit it with some spatter paint from Eastwood.

It won't be long before this long-term project hits the streets. Stay tuned as Newell and his team prepare to hang the final sheetmetal, add custom stripes, and cut and buff the body to an electrifying brilliance.

Side Glass 3/30

01. With the glass in the car being over 40 years old, a decision was made to replace it with fresh units from National Parts Depot. The original door side glass is on the bottom and the replacement piece is above.

Glass Original Hardware 2 4/30
Glass Original Hardware 1 5/30

02-03 Carefully remove all the original hardware (since the new glass doesn't come with any) and note its exact location for when you transfer it to the new glass.

Glass Section 6/30

04. Gradually reinstall the original hardware onto the new glass section making sure it is properly seated. A section of cardboard set on top of the workbench cushioned the glass and ensured it did not get scratched.

Peter Newell Window 7/30

05. Competition Specialties' Peter Newell eased the new glass into the window channel by first setting the rollers into the tracks. It was then lowered into the door, aligned with the window regulator, and secured in place after installing the front and back window stops.

Window Felts 8/30

06. The inner and outer window felts from Ground Up were then carefully set in, and checked for proper fitment before being screwed into place.

Sandblasted Window Trim 9/30

07. Since the car's window trim needed to be blacked-out, the sections were first lightly sandblasted to give the surface some bite. Here you can see the change in the finish.

Sem Solve Wax 10/30

08. Once out of the blast cabinet, the sections were wiped with a clean rag and some SEM Solve wax and grease remover to eliminate any surface contaminants.

Krylon Satin 11/30

09. A few light coats of Krylon satin black spray paint gave the moldings just the right sheen.

Detriot Speed Wiper Kit 12/30

10. Detroit Speed Inc's Selecta-Speed wiper kit came with everything right out of the box for a perfect installation, including the seven-speed wiper motor, rotary switch, billet knob, and wiring harness.

Windsheild Wiper Transmission 13/30

11. The original windshield wiper transmission assembly was freshened up with a new coat of satin black and then lowered into position inside the cowl for installation.

Windshield Wiper Transmission 14/30

12. A 3⁄8-inch ratchet was used to mount the windshield wiper transmission in place using fresh hardware from Totally Stainless.

Detriot Speed Wiper Motor 15/30

13. The Detroit Speed wiper motor was then attached to the wiper transmission and secured in place on the firewall.




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