1972 Chevy Camaro - Replacing Rear Quarters

Heavy Metal

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Cut Away Rust Use Patch 2/27

14. Rather than replace the rockers, we opted to cut away the rust and use patch panels.

Replacement 3/27

15. For replacements, we turned to the folks over at Auto Metal Direct (AMD) and ordered up a pair of their replacement wheelhouses (PN 770-3570-L/R, $60). Before installing, we first put them in place to make sure they were good to go. They fit perfectly, which made us happy campers.

Drill Holes In 4/27

16. After the mock up, we pulled the wheelhouses and drilled holes every few inches along the perimeter.

Eastwood Self Etching Weld Through 5/27

17. We also took a moment to hit the exposed metal areas with some Eastwood self-etching weld-through primer. After all, we don't want rust to get a fresh foothold on our Camaro in a few years.

Hit Drilled Holes With Mig 6/27

18. The wheelhouse was set in place and secured with locking pliers and a few temporary self-tapping screws. Once perfectly aligned, we hit each of our drilled holes with a MIG welder.

Eastwood Rust Encapsulating 7/27

19. Once fully welded to the Camaro, we hit the whole area with a layer of Eastwood rust encapsulating paint. We then prepped our new AMD quarter-panels for install by drilling out all of the welding holes.

Auto Metal Direct New 8/27

20. The new quarters from Auto Metal Direct (PN 700-3570-L/R, $330 each) looked great with very crisp lines. In fact, the shop we were at thought they were some of the nicest reproduction panels they've seen. They came EDP (Electro Deposit Coating) coated for corrosion protection

Begin Quarter Panel 9/27

21. After shooting the edges with more weld-through primer, we were ready to install the new AMD quarter-panel. We bolted on the trunk lid so we could ensure proper alignment along that edge as well before flipping on the welder.

Self Tapping Screws And Locking Pliers Hold 10/27

22. To hold the panel in place prior to welding, we used a few self-tapping screws and a bunch of locking pliers.

Line Up With Door And Trunk 11/27

23. The panel was adjusted and massaged until it lined up with our door and trunk lid properly.

Stitch Panel To 12/27

24. It was then time to start stitching the panel to the Camaro. Once an area was partially welded in place, the screws were removed and the holes hit with the MIG.

Grind Down 13/27

25. Same idea as the factory pinch welds. Once done, these rosettes will be ground down smooth for an even cleaner look.

Finished Quarters And 14/27

26. And with that, our quarters were ready for some seam sealer and bodywork. Expect to spend a touch over 30 hours to replace the quarters, with another 10 hours for the outer wheelhouses. But in the end, it'll be worth it because saving a classic Camaro is always time well spent.


Eastwood Company
Pottstown, PA 19464
Auto Metal Direct
Buford, GA 30518


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