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Super Chevy's Top 10 Engine Tips

Building an engine? Check out these stories to help build your next small-block or big-block.

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1) 454 Budget Engine Build
Follow this big-block build that makes 700hp for under $2,500. We scour the internet for some great deals and show what can be done with thrifty shopping and just a little nitrous.

Sucp_1006_02_ Big_block_engine_build 454_engine 2/6

2) LS Engine Power Packages
These Gen III recipes range from 400 to 700hp for those with deep and shallow pockets. Whether you prefer boost, juice, or au natural – we have your flavor.

3) Shoestring Stroker
This infamous 383 build used the ultimate budget parts, and put out some impressive power for the money. Check out this step-by-step assembly of the short-block.

Sucp_0706_02_z Chevy_small_block_stroker_kit Components 3/6

4) Chevy Power Secrets
You may have the hard parts, but these 10 tricks while help unlock hidden power in your engine.

Sucs_0827_03_z Chevy_nova_engine Power_secrets 4/6

5) Budget Cylinder Heads
Listing off the best budget heads for off-the-shelf performance. Bolt these SBC heads on and feel the burn.

6) 496 Big-Block Build
Meet the ultimate pump gas stump-puller. 598 lb-ft of twist using 91-octane and perfect street manners to boot.

Sucp_0901_01_z 496_chevy_big_block_build 496_stroker 5/6

7) 5.3L LS Small-Block Build
This modern mouse wound up making 445hp with just valvetrain and intake upgrades. Imagine what it could do with boost or a stroker kit (actually, you don’t have to – just check out the related articles section along the right hand side).

Sucp 1111 Small Block Performance And Tech Here Comes Modern Mouse 002 6/6

8) Budget LS Build
Gen IV parts are mixed and matched to build an affordable, L92-headed powerhouse. How does 506hp for under $4,500 sound?

9) 350 Engine Build
400hp for under a $1,000? Is this a joke? No, my friend, it is not. We turned a battered TPI 350 into a potent little animal with a recession-proof budget.

10) 305 Engine Build
We’ll do anything for science – including build a 305. And the results were quite impressive. A cam, heads, and intake helped the little guy make 359hp.



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