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May 2013 Readers’ Rides

Jun 27, 2013
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Third-gen in the House

As Brain Pasko wrote, "I was reading one of the latest issues of Camaro Performers magazine and saw you guys saying that the lack of third-gens in the magazine was because not many quality cars are sent in. Well, I built this one years ago, but I think it still looks pretty good! So, I gave it a bath and snapped a shot for you."

May 2013 Readers Rides 1997 Chevy 2/7

Brian's ride has a home-built 383 stroker backed up by a T56 Tremec six-speed trans ripped from a '97 Camaro. For a rearend it runs a 9-inch with 4.11 gears, and the car rolls on 17-inch Torq-Thrust II hoops. Brian has had the Camaro since he was 17 years old, and while it used to be his daily driver, these days it just comes out for special occasions.


John Couf got his first Camaro back in 1984 when he treated himself to a new Z28 as a high school graduation present. Then in 1987 he upgraded to an IROC. That car stuck around until 1989 when a drunk driver totaled it. Well, John survived and he decided that his third Camaro needed to be something special. This time his choice was an '11 SS that he dubbed ZL1 Eater. "I was like Dr. Frankenstein planning my monster. I wanted a car like no other-one that could go into a car show and snap necks, yet it had to be able to take anything that pulled up next to me. A true show-and-go car!"

May 2013 Readers Rides 2011 Chevy 3/7

"Even though the ZL1 was right around the corner, I wanted something to stand out from the rest," remarked John. The LS3 is topped with a Magnuson TVS 2300 blower with a ported RevXtreme throttle body. Other engine mods include a ZL1 fuel pump, coated Kooks long-tube headers, SLP exhaust, and a cog drive from Supercharger Connection. He also upped the boost to 12 psi and added a methanol kit to keep detonation in check. Recently, Cunningham Motorsports added a custom-ground COMP bumpstick to further up the performance. To help slow the beast down, he went with a complete brake upgrade system from Granatelli Motorsports. The list goes on: Pfadt camber kit, Pedders suspension, poly subframe and differential mounts, spherical control arm bearings, and that's only the tip of the aftermarket iceberg. John also decided to make his ZLX Camaro stand out from the crowd visually with a Z-Force hood, ZL1 front bumper, and a host of body tweaks. Wheels are 20-inch Forgestart F14s wrapped in NT05 rubber. And with over 675 hp to the wheels, he's going to need all the traction he can get.


We imagine that car guys who reside in the often frozen tundra of Anchorage, Alaska, have to be doubly dedicated to their hobby. Steve Lynch brought his '72 SS to the great white north over two decades ago and enjoys cruising it whenever the weather allows. The original engine is safely stored away, and in its place there's a 496 big-block with all the go-fast goodies. All we know is that having such a sweet ride stuck in the garage must make for very long winters!

May 2013 Readers Rides 496 Big Block 4/7
May 2013 Readers Rides 1972 Chevy 5/7

Old-School Vibe

Terry Shields bought his SS back in July of 2010. Back then Camaros were flying off the dealer lots faster than the factory could crank them out. But after hunting hard, Terry was able to find just the right 1LT six-speed-equipped V-6 he was looking for. Since then he's upgraded the Camaro with a host of widgets including a Hurst shifter, Injen cold-air injection, Calazzio leather seat covers, Doug Thorley headers, and some gorgeous 18-inch American Racing rims. It makes for a sweet Camaro we would be proud to call our own.

May 2013 Readers Rides 2010 Chevy Camaro 6/7

Raised Right

As Tim Collette told us, "My passion for Chevy started pretty much when I was big enough to go out to the shop and help my father with his race cars. One of which was a '72 Camaro. My father raced quarter-mile dirt track, and I have never owned anything other than GM my whole life. Last year my father was diagnosed with liver cancer. He told me in the many conversations we had in his last month alive that he really wanted to get the new fifth-gen Camaro. Well, my father passed away and he never got a chance to fulfill that dream of his. He was just too sick to do anything during his last month. So, I decided when I retired this year to get us both a '10 Camaro SS in tribute to my father and vicariously live his dream for him."

May 2013 Readers Rides 2010 Chevy Camaro 02 7/7

A host of engine upgrades, including a blower, has brought the power output up to 634 rear-wheel hp. Tim has worked just as hard at making the Camaro look great as he has at making it fast. Tim relayed, "My father was and is my hero who taught me the values I live with to this day. He's a veteran of Vietnam and a two-time recipient of the Purple Heart and a very proud father!" Yeah, we would think he's pretty proud indeed.

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