2000 Chevy Camaro Z28 - F-Body Garage

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We dig our street cars, but you’ve got to appreciate when a gearhead goes all in for a purpose-built racer. Such is the case with three-time NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle champion Eddie Krawiec and his insane ’00 Z28. It seems that the previous owner had big plans to make it a race car but lost interest and sold the stripped shell to Eddie. Since then, the Camaro has been getting the high-end treatment over at DMC Racing in Halifax, Massachusetts. The chassis features a complete bolt-in tubular kit from Midwest Industries and the brakes and differential come by way of Strange Engineering. Powering the Camaro will be an RHS block-based 440-inch LS engine with Mast Motorsports’ splayed-valve heads, John Marcella custom-fabbed intake, and a huge 106mm turbo. All of this estimated 2,200 horsepower will be shifted by an ATI Ultra TH400 transmission. Eddie hopes to compete in the NMCA series this summer. For more info on this build, visit dmcracing.com.




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