Mast Motorsports LS7 Crate Motor - Going Overbored

An Inside Look At Mast Motorsports' 669HP LS7 Crate Motor

Stephen Kim Dec 7, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Design Philosophy
Not long after walking through the doors at Mast Motorsports, it's refreshingly obvious that the place isn't run like your typical engine shop. While the company's massive facility-complete with four dyno cells, a machine shop, and engine assembly room-is very impressive, it's not what makes the place stand out. What's most unique is Mast's meticulous approach to not just assembling motors, but designing them as well. A mechanical engineer by trade, shop owner Horace Mast takes his engineering seriously. "Our goal is to apply a true engineering methodology to our crate engine packages," Horace explains. "Making lots of power isn't good enough. Our engines must also provide OEM-caliber durability."

To accomplish this, every Mast engine combo is subjected to a grueling seven-step design process. The first step involves using cutting-edge computer software to optimize engine parameters such as bore and stroke dimensions, port volume, compression ratio, valve size, and cylinder head flow. Next, a prototype motor is built using top-notch components. After designing four to five custom camshaft profiles using engine simulation software, they are all dyno tested to see which one works best. Afterwards, the air/fuel ratio is fine-tuned on the dyno to maximize volumetric efficiency, then the spark maps are established for optimized torque and power. Only after installing the motor in a test vehicle for real-world testing and final tuning changes is it approved for production. Like we said, Mast's crate engine packages are thoroughly engineered, in every sense of the word. Currently, the company has a plethora of naturally aspirated and supercharged Gen IV engines including L92s, LS3s, LS7s, L99s, LY6s, and aftermarket-block-based combos. Additionally, Mast offers engine packages for marine and airboat applications, as well as turnkey short-blocks.




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