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Holley Performance launches a ton of new cool trinkets at the 2014 SEMA Show

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The SEMA show is THE place for companies to launch cutting-edge, and super cool, new parts for our classic Chevys and the 2014 show is bigger than ever! While every company seemed to have something fresh off the drawing board, the bigger companies, like Holley, launches a bunch of new mouth-watering parts to make our Chevys faster and just plain cooler.

As always parts for LS swaps are super hot and in huge demand. As evidenced by Holley’s LS Fest event they are 100-percent behind the LS trend and offer parts to make the swap easy to pull off. Their Hooker line of exhaust components, besides getting a hip, new, logo, has mid-length and long-tube headers for First and Second-gen F-bodies as well as X-bodies, G-bodies, and trucks. In addition they now offer everything else you need including engine swap mounts, transmission crossmembers and their new complete stainless-steel exhaust systems.

But their offerings don’t stop there. They also have their HP and Dominator EFI computer/harness systems to get that new LS up and running as painlessly as possible. In terms of engine parts they had new oil pans (as cast, black, polished) in addition to their large-bore throttle bodies, intakes, and pulley kits.

One of the coolest items they had on display was their new digital dash. This plugs right into their Holley EFI computers, like the HP and Dominator, and displays the data right to the dash! The unit is fully configurable by the end user and can display this in many different colors and layouts. Want a classic look? No problem.. Something a bit more 2014, it’s just a few clicks away. The touch screen offers nearly endless display options and even has warning parameters that can be set and a programmable shift light. The casing is weather tight, and has an internal SD slot for expandability. The seven-inch low glare, high contrast screen is easy to see and, at 800 by 480, the resolution is easy on the eyes. But, the best part is still how easy it is to install if you already have one of their EFI computers.

In addition to the LS stuff there was a new aluminum bodied Dominator carb that’s a ton lighter than the old offering and a sweet six-pack carb and intake package. Be sure to hit up their website to find out more about all the cool new toys for your Chevy.



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