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Xtreme, Eddie Motorsports, Promech, Wilwood, and More - Parts Bin

Apr 1, 2013

Xtreme Bar

Reduce torque steer and improve launch traction in your ’82- 02 F-body in just 2-3 hours with an Xtreme Anti-roll Bar from BMR Suspension. This newly redesigned 13⁄8-inch tubular rear sway bar features two adjustment locations that range from 1,013 percent to 1,632 percent stiffer than the OE sway bar. This kit includes a lightweight anti-roll bar, bolt-in axle mounting braces, bolt-in frame mounting braces, high-durometer polyurethane mounting bushings, and double-adjustable spherical bearing endlinks. Available in red and black hammertone powdercoat finishes. Visit or call BMR directly at 813.986.9302 for more info.

Camp 1302 01 O Xtreme Bar Anti Roll 2/14

Brace Yourself

Eddie Motorsports recently introduced a complete line of custom billet aluminum fender/core support braces for first- and second-gen Camaros. The complete fender brace assemblies are CNC machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum, and like all products manufactured by Eddie Motorsports, they are American-made to the strictest manufacturing standards. The braces are available in a fixed rectangular assembly and a round adjustable model, which incorporates two 3⁄8-inch rod ends. The fender braces are sold in pairs and can be purchased with a raw machined or highly polished finish as well as in a variety of Fusioncoated colors. No cutting or drilling required. They come complete with all of the necessary stainless steel fasteners and start at $99 per pair. Call Eddie Motorsports at 888.813.1293 or visit their website at

Camp 1302 02 O Eddie Motorsports Core 3/14

Unfreeze the Seized

Promech Professional Mechanics’ Formula Penetrating Oil was developed and used by a small circle of professional mechanics, hot rod shops, and restoration professionals. Now available to the public, Promech is faster acting and more effective at freeing up rusted, corroded, or seized bolts, nuts, and hardware than anything currently available, according to the manufacturer. Promech is not intended to be a universal lubricant. It is concentrated on developing the penetrating part of the formula. After all, the slipperiest substance on earth is not going to loosen that rusted bolt or nut if it cannot get in there to work. Promech has also shown to work very well in cases of “galvanic corrosion of dissimilar metals” such as the seizing of a steel bolt in an aluminum block, like those nasty water neck bolts in your aluminum intake. Pick up Promech at retailers or

Camp 1302 03 O Protech Penetrating 4/14

Super Stoppers

Wilwood Disc Brakes has recently introduced a front road race brake kit for the ’82- 92 Camaro that features the latest in disc brake technology. This track-tested brake kit meets SCCA specifications for A Sedan. This bolt-on brake kit features Wilwood’s forged billet Superlite four-piston (Thermlock pistons), radial mount calipers that clamp down on 12.19-inch diameter GT slot pattern, vented Spec 37 rotors (optional non-grooved rotors are available to meet NASA CMC rules). The kit, part number 140-12518, comes with aluminum hats, mounting brackets, and all the necessary hardware for an easy, bolt-on installation. Wilwood Disc Brakes' 15H PolyMatrix high-temperature racing brake pads come standard with this kit. Other brake pad compounds for other racing environments are also available. For more information, go to or call 805.388.1188.

Camp 1302 04 O Wilwood Camaro Brake 5/14

Living the High Life

Holley Performance Products is proud to announce their Modular Hi-Ram Intake System for GM’s LS cathedral port and LS7 engines. The Hi-Ram modular intake was originally introduced for LS3/L92 rectangle port engines as a cost-effective alternative to fabricated sheetmetal intakes for high-performance applications where induction system height is unlimited. The modular design makes the new LS1/LS2/LS6 and LS7 bases ready to accept a wide range of carbureted and EFI tops, making them attractive to builders and fabricators as the foundation for custom induction systems. There are four style tops to choose from: a forward-mount throttle body, dual 4150s, dual 4500s, and a blank top to machine for any induction style. Billet aluminum flanges are also available for custom fabricated sheetmetal tops. For more information contact Holley at 270.781.9741 or visit them on the web at

Camp 1302 12 O Holley Performance Intake System 6/14

Quicker Shine

Many car guys/gals love the deep, rich finish that carnauba provides, but not everyone has the time to achieve those results. Now, Meguiar’s is making it easier to get the same traditional look in half the time by releasing Gold Class Carnauba+Plus Quik Wax as part of its new product line. Perfect for all colors, this new edition to the Meguiar’s Gold Class family is the answer to achieve a quick, dark, wet-looking shine. With a simple mist-on, wipe-off, Carnauba+Plus Quik Wax delivers the rich, warm protection that only carnauba can deliver. The “+Plus” in this formula means it won’t leave white residue on plastic or trim. Available in a 16oz. trigger spray, this new Meguiar’s product is available at major retailers and auto enthusiast/specialty retailers nationwide. For more information, go to or call 800.347.5700

Camp 1302 06 O Meguiars Quick Wax 7/14

Arm Your Second-Gen

Speed Tech Performance’s all-new Torque Arm Rear Suspension for ’70– 81 Camaros features high-clearance Articu-link lower control arms with Delrin bushings and fits both 9-inch and 12-bolt stock differentials. Included are QA1 adjustable coilover shocks and roll center Panhard bar. Powdercoating is available upon request. With improved adjustability in ride height, pinion angle, instant center location, and wheelbase, your second-gen will handle better than ever. Get your Speed Tech Performance Torque Arm Suspension Kit for $2,199. More information is available at or by calling 888.467.1625.

Camp 1302 08 O Speed Tech Performance Rear 8/14

Reengineered for Durability

QA1 has reengineered its already high-quality GM Upper and Lower Tubular Control Arms for increased strength, durability, and performance. Made in QA1's Lakeville, Minnesota, facility, these GM upper and lower control arms are available for A-, G-, and F-body applications and feature powdercoated tubular construction for increased strength and great looks. The upper control arms allow for easy camber adjustment and add approximately 2-3 degrees of caster and 0.5-1 degree of negative camber. QA1's control arms are available in two different configurations, one designed for street use and one designed for racing. The street arms use a factory replacement ball joint and polyurethane pivot bushings. The race arms utilize a QA1 low-friction ball joint and Delrin pivot bushings and provide the added performance needed for drag racing, Pro Touring, and hard-core street applications. For additional information and a free catalog, call 800.721.7761 or visit QA1's website at

LS Ram Jam

Speedway Motors’ Tru-Ram Manifolds are a perfect replacement for restrictive OEM LS1 manifolds or noisy, leaky tube steel headers. Tru-Ram LS1 exhaust manifolds are designed to tuck tight against the engine block, providing the ultimate in frame and steering clearance for a wide range of applications. Large 13⁄4-inch primary ports and 3-inch outlets deliver fantastic flow and horsepower gains, and are made from durable and corrosion-resistant 17-4 stainless steel. This cast construction is superior to tubular steel headers for minimizing noise and retaining heat. Each pair includes gaskets and stainless steel hardware. Call toll free 800.979.0122 or visit for more information.

Camp 1302 10 O Speedway Motors Manifolds 11/14

Classic Performer

An all-time favorite for driving smaller fasteners into tight places, the Snap-on 1⁄4-inch Drive Air Ratchet (PN FAR25A) continues to be a classic performer when it comes to productivity and efficiency. “The Snap-on 1⁄4-inch Air Ratchet is a classic that never goes out of style,” said Jim Martin, product manager for Snap-on. “Its split housing gives it more strength and durability but it is also easy to use and comfortable, resulting in less fatigue. We call it the ‘little giant’ because, although it is small in stature, it is powerful in performance.” Find out more about the Snap-on 1⁄4-inch Drive Air Ratchet by visiting or by calling toll free 877-762-7664.

Camp 1302 11 O Snap On Ratchet 12/14

One Stop RS Kit

Ground Up’s ’70- 73 Rally Sport conversion kit gives you virtually everything you’ll need to convert your standard Camaro into the desirable split-bumper front end. Included are the front lower valance, header panel, hood release, front bumpers, brackets, bolts, parking lamp housings, braces, urethane nose, brackets, grille, grille surrounds, grille divider bracket, and grille divider insert. Get yours today for $1,799.95. Call Ground Up at 866.358.2277 or visit them online at for their full lineup of Camaro parts.

Camp 1302 13 O Group Up Conversion Kit 13/14

Torq Storm

Accelerated Racing Products has just released its new Torq-Storm line of billet centrifugal superchargers. This new supercharger is designed to boost performance while also enhancing the look of any car. The supercharger’s unique housing and cover are precision-machined from 6061 aluminum and are available in natural, micro-polished, or black anodized finishes. Internally, the new supercharger features a unique high-flow billet impeller that’s capable of supporting over 500 horsepower while still producing meaningful low rpm boost for improved driveability. Installation is simplified by the use of a unique V-band clamping system, which allows the compressor to be clocked in any position relative to the housing. The supercharger has its own self-contained oil supply, which eliminates the need for oil feed lines. For more information visit or call 616.885.3626.

Camp 1302 05 O Accelerated Racing Products 14/14



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