October 2012 Parts Bin

Shocking Transformation

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QA1 is proud to announce that all of their popular aluminum shocks have undergone a major design transformation and now have multiple valving options for many different race and street applications. This new design provides 18 clicks of adjustment per adjuster knob and offers an improved operating range that has been optimized to enhance performance by providing a softer ride at the low end of operation while retaining a very firm high end for performance and handling applications. Each adjustment has been carefully defined to provide the ideal force curve to maximize performance. In addition, the adjustment mechanism itself has been improved with smoother operation and the addition of a positive stop. This adds up to improved performance across the entire line of QA1 aluminum shocks. For additional information, call 952.985.5675 or visit www.qa1.net.

Mounting Strength

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Energy Suspension now offers a patented ’98– 02 F-body LS1 high-performance motor mount set. Utilizing tough Hyper-Flex formula performance polyurethane, these superior motor mounts have the strength to handle the torque of highly modified motors without the vibration of solid, metal mounts. The set effectively eliminates unwanted motor and drivetrain movement. The result is more power to the ground and improved throttle response. The mount is also impervious to under-vehicle fluids and contaminants that destroy OEM rubber components. For more information, call Energy Suspension at 888.913.6374 or visit their website at www.energysuspension.com.

Rock the Cradle

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As the cradle of your car’s engine and mounting point for many of your car’s suspension components, your Camaro’s subframe is obviously a crucial component. And, after years of faithful service (and possibly some abuse) it may be time for a fresh start. That’s why YearOne now offers a complete subframe assembly for your ’69 Camaro. The reproduction subframe comes to your door ready for installation. No matter where you are in the building process, YearOne is committed to helping you get the job done right. For more information or to order a catalog, call YearOne at 800.932.7663 or visit www.yearone.com.

Terrific Template

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Take the guesswork out of measuring wheel bolt patterns. Just insert the Summit Racing Bolt Pattern Template guides into two lug holes in the wheel to get an accurate bolt pattern measurement every time. Made from ABS plastic. Order your pattern template (PN SUM-BCG-101) online at www.summitracing.com or call Summit Racing at 800.230.3030.

Atomic EFI

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MSD’s Atomic EFI system was designed with two goals: simplicity and performance. Simplicity was achieved when they rewrote the industry standard for easy installation and programming. Performance was served through improved driveability from idle to full-throttle blasts. The throttle body features a common four-barrel square-bore flange for a universal fit. They incorporated the ECU into the throttle body to reduce the wiring and connections. While they were at it, the four main sensors were grouped inside the ECU for even less underhood clutter and wiring. The Atomic comes with a compact handheld monitor that allows you to select a number of parameters to match your engine combination. This will get the engine to fire up and it will start learning your combination immediately. See more Atomic EFI information at www.atomicefi.com or call 915.855.712.


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